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Topic - Health Problem

Pyreneenemec - on 14 Sep 2012
Having a really bad time at the moment. Neck strain ( work related accident)triggered off the most crippling intense headaches, accompanied by sky-high blood pressure(21/16) and an all-round lethargic feeling.A head-scan only revealed congested sinuses and nasal polyps, that I was already aware of.Other things have been looked into: an echo-doppler was clean and I'm having a cerebral IRM next week. A visit to an osteopath pin-pointed a few problems with long-standing neck pains and I've regained a good deal of neck flexibilty. I had a problem with Tramadol, which left me with a tingling sensation . Continual pain in area C1,2 & 3 and prickling sensation. Currently taking Lamaline for the pain which is under control. Will see a neurologist after the IRM.

Any experts out there care to suggest what might be going wrong ? Perhaps someone has suffered with a similar problem ?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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