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Topic - Moving somewhere crap for a job.

Taurig - on 05 Nov 2012
Have you ever moved somewhere that you would consider less than ideal or even a full blow sh*thole, just because you were offered a job there?

I'm currently job hunting and I've only been offered the chance of an interview, but this is more than I've had with anything else. The problem is it would require moving somewhere (UK town, I won't mention where) that I wouldn't otherwise choose without a gun held to my head. It would mean disruption of future plans with my girlfriend, moving own my own several hundred miles from nearest friends and family, and making it much more difficult to do the things I love, climbing and mountain biking. In the past I've done something similar for a year as a university placement and found it miserable, lying in bed at the weekend wondering whether it was worth getting up at all, such was the dullness of the local area.

All these negative in one hand, and in the other, some positive cashflow into my bank balance. Not siginificantly more than I could get from a bog standard graduate scheme, and as it's in my area of study, a lot more responsibility and expectation (I am more than willing to move outside my field). But, with unemployment the way it is, I feel guilty for not taking any opportunity I can, even if it's at the expense of personal happiness.

So, have you ever had this kind of call to make? What did you decide and why? How did it work out?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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