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Topic - Cyclist, small bump. Am I being unreasonable here?

Denni on 05 Nov 2012
Evening all,
today I nearly knocked a cyclist down. I was approaching a crossroads, the lights had just changed to green so I drove through (going straight across), probably about 15mph in a 30 zone.

A cyclist on a road bike came out of nowhere going from left to right so I slammed the anchors on and veered left, probably a reaction knowing they were heading the other way. Upshot is, I smacked into one of those small concrete reservation things causing damage to my alloy wheel which will need replacing along with the tyre and of course balancing etc.

Anyway, I was more worried about the cyclist. I drove the car off the junction onto the kerb and went to see the cyclist. She was in a wee bit of shock so I sat her in the back of our Bongo and made her a brew.

She was very apologetic STATING that it was all her fault as she had her ipod on and wasn't paying attention. Not to worry I said, alls well that ends well. Someone had called the police who arrived, checked the junction, took statements, pics etc and I had to get our Bongo recovered to a garage. Her hubby arrived, bike onto their car, more apologies and thanks for being understanding. I then said that I'd contact her when I knew what the cost to fix the damage was......

At this point, she asked me why she needed to know, I said because it is your fault and shouldn't you pay for it? I then had a 5 minute ear bashing from her telling me in no uncertain terms it was just one of those things, that is why you have insurance and she wouldn't pay for it.

I then politely told her there was no way I was using my insurance to pay for something that wasn't my fault, why should I raise my premium and in no uncertain terms, was I going to pay out of my own pocket.

Anyway, I wasn't going to have it out with her so I informed her I would be in touch at some point again to discuss the matter. I went home and here I am now.

Given that without my promt action, she would have been hit by a fairly heavy Mazda Bongo no doubt resulting in a trip to hospital. Now the fact she has admitted to both me and the police that she was to blame, am I being unreasonable in asking she pays for the repairs?

Also, I presumed that the police would have done more when they arrived and I am presuming that she must have broken the law by causing an accident?

Anyway, I reckon I'll be ringing the local plod tomorrow and ask for their advice and see what they say. What do you all reckon? Surely you would all do the same in my case?

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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