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Topic - An idiots guide to politics

TheDrunkenBakers - on 12 Nov 2012
OK, so I guess there are some clever folks on here so ill throw this one out. Im no political scientist and I sometimes get quite confused with some of the terminology. Its especially confusing at this time of year when we see lots of documentaries about the war and Hitler.

So we have left and right and their extreme tendencies, communism and fascism.

My basic understanding is that left is more social i.e. greater state intervention and that communism, in simple terms is a sustem of the state being all powerful and that wealth should be shared - higher taxes in principle.

The opposite is right where in moderate countries like the UK this mean less state intervention and a reduced state with people taking more personal responsibility - lower taxes in principle. So where does fascism and far right politics come in and what is its stated aim? Why is this 'right'.

And then we have liberalism.

So, lets keep this simple folks - is this broadly correct and if not, what are the inaccuracies?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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