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Topic - Parents dropping kids at school

Jamming Dodger on 22 Nov 2012
Still not worked out the difference between "off belay" and "down the pub"...
Anyway, after yet another text from my son's primary school politely asking parents to be considerate when dropping their little darlings off at school (instigated by yet another occasion of a child being mown down), can anything realistically be done to discourage parents from squeezing their way down the school road at 60mph, to pull over right next to the gates, before performing a 33 point turn and then zooming off to get to work on time? Im not even going to get started on those who mount the pavement regardless of if anybody is walking on it (bloody pedestrians).
I think this is a fairly common problem. I understand the difficulties in only being able to drop your child off within a small time frame and then needing to get off to work. Its a residential road which connects onto a fairly major A road so an exclusion zone would be impractical.
Possibly speed bumps which force cars to crawl along the road (annoying for the residents but hey..)? Traffic wardens doling out tickets for those who park irresponsibly?
I thought about a drop off zone where parents/teachers could walk the kids to the school but again, so close to a major road could cause congestion.
Staggered starting times or free before school club from, say, 8:15?
Any REALISTIC solutions to suggest to the headteacher/council?
Im getting tired of myself or my dad having to run the gauntlet each morning to avoid ending up under the wheels of a 4x4.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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