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Topic - War, virus or climate change?

Ben Sharp - on 24 Dec 2012
I was speaking to someone else last night who's recently read Cormack McCarthy's The Road and we ended up talking about the potentially turbulent century ahead. We got to thinking of how it's quite easy to feel like our existence is secure and permanent; this coming from two people of a generation that never had to endure the real possibility of an invasion, the threat of the cold war and obviously things like the plague/spanish flu.

So we started thinking of things that might have the potential to end life as we know it in the next 50-100 years, with the help of decades of apocalyptic books and films the same three beasts seemed to crop up; large/nuclear conflict, a pandemic disease and climate change. (We discounted zombies!)

A turbulent middle east with the possibility of Iran joining pakistan and N Korea in the nuclear club; the persistant threat of bird flu like diseases which although only reported during an outbreak is always an ongoing possibility; and finally, even looking past the classic natural disasters, climate change is looking like it's going to have the far more serious consequence of reducing our worldwide food production capabilities. So without being too pessimistic, any one want to take a gamble on which one may come along first, if any of them?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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