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Topic - No carbs - advice and sympathy required

What Goes Up - on 01 Jan 2013
Bloody New Year resolutions. Mrs WGU will be eschewing rather than chewing carbs for the forseeable future, and apparently I'm joining her in this for dinner by way of support. I do pretty much all the cooking, and frustratingly I love my carbs; doesn't matter which form they take - I can quite happily sit down to a dish of pasta tossed in a little olive oil and a few choice flavourings, anything rice based, spuds are as staple as staples come...

All (okay, most) of the dishes I love to cook now have a very big hole in them and I need some ideas which will simultaneously save me a half-hour argument every evening and still hit the spot. I enjoy cooking and usually put a fair bit of time into it each evening so no worries about extravagant / laborious recipes (in fact that would be preferable). Any thoughts? Just to rub further salt into the wound I can't just make it fun by replacing carbs with more fat (I will of course, but have to be subtle about it).

Protiens - no worries, so I'm thinking things like cassoulet, stuffed aubergines with lamb mince and spices and so on, and can fry / griddle / grill up all sorts of meat and fish . The problem is more what goes with it, because frankly the thought of a week of side salads leaves me shuddering. I mean, soup without bread to go with it? Everything I've come up with so far just seems like a light supper to me (so of course step one will be carbing it up at lunchtime instead, but I still want to feel reasonably satiated at the end of my evening meal). At a push some roasted butternut squash will do for one or two, but I need more than that.

And apparently a plate of cheese is not dinner. I beg to differ, but apparently I don't make the rules anymore.

Help me UKC, you're my only hope.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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