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Topic - neighbours have a new dog

itsThere on 14 Jan 2013
So ukc seems to know alot about stuff. I have a shared back garden and the neighbours have a new dog. Its nice and quiet. Every now and then they let it out in the back garden. As ive just seen it go out now, for all of about 5min. It went out and i think went for a poop in the garden. Didnt want to go and check but it looked like it did. Ive not spoken to them yet but if it is going poop is the back garden whats the best way to go about making them clean it up.

In the past they have been very noisey, music at late times ect. 12 on a sunday night. So we stuck a note though their door, telling them to shut up. They didnt do anything. They seem to be quiet now after a sarcastic wireless name. I dont mind music and noise its just it was all the time. They are quiet now, apart from when they come in at 3pm but that cant be helped since old flats are noisey anyway, they are also upstairs. The late music has stopped so its ok. They seem perfectly reasonable, but i want to know where i stand with them if their dog is going poop in the garden.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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