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Topic - Progression in running

EspenK - on 15 Jan 2013
Hi y'all,

I recently (mid December) threw my old running shoes away to get into "barefoot" running in Vibram Fivefingers. Starting on absolute scratch, and after a long history of problems (feet, knees, lower back) I have now progressed quite a bit. The other day I ran 17km, which is pretty much twice the furthest distance I ever ran in conventional shoes. Could barely walk the next day, but here's the point; All the pain is muscular. Previously, I'd have to stop either because I ran out of air or because my knees started aching. With the vibrams, I have to stop because my calf muscles get tired, and it's only the calf muscles that are sore the next day.

Now the internet keeps urging me to progress slowly, 10% a week seems to be the trend, however I just want to keep running. For the first time in my life I'm actually enjoying it, and aiming for my first Marathon in June.

The other tip I keep getting is to listen to my body, which at the moment is telling me that running is awesome and that it wants to go further next time. Are there any pitfalls, will my knees fall off or my back suddenly splinter, rendering me an injured wreck once again, or can I safely keep running and increasing the distance as long as it doesn't hurt anywhere?

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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