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Topic - they just dont make things like they used...

Kimono - on 26 Jan 2013
I am a man who is happy to pay for good quality as i have learnt, often the hard way, that cheap gear is very often a liability.
However, so far this year the following 'quality' items have let me down:

a platypus bladder that sprung a leak after 2-3 months use
a leatherman that broke after 2 months...and hardly even used it in that time
the strap of a 'Nite' watch...laughably aimed at 'special forces' which has just snapped after 8 months use
a saddle-bag - not branded but well-reviewed on broke whilst out on a trail and tools lost

Now, am i just being unlucky? Or do all these 'lifetime guarantees' mean very little and are just a way to sucker people into believing their products are indestructible and then counting on the fact that a lot of people wont bother to return things for repair??

Losing faith...
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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