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Topic - On-line course in programming or some other technical subject

a crap climber - on 19 Feb 2013
I'm stuck in Afghanistan for another two months after stupidly volunteering to deploy with the Territorial Army. We've more or less completely handed over to the Afghan police, so I basically have nothing to do all day. Instead of sleeping or watching films like everyone else, I'm thinking of finding an online course to do.

Given that I have to find a job when I get back, something I could put on my CV would be nice. I have a degree in mechatronic engineering (basically just mechanical and electrical) so I would like something relevant to this. My thoughts so far are AutoCAD, which isn't really going to happen as I don't have access to a suitable computer, or programming, which I could just about do on my crappy laptop. I've had a bit of experience of C# and VBA before, and also know a little C++, so I guess any of those. I prefer working with C# as I've used it more than C++ and it seems more useful than VBA (though I imagine VB is pretty much the same so I could manage that), but I don't really know which would be the most universally appealing to any potential employer (to make things more difficult I don't really know what industry I want to work in).

So basically, can anyone recommend an on-line course I can do in two months or so (it doesn't matter if it takes a bit longer, I have a lot of spare time to do it here anyway)? Sorry for my unhelpful vagueness.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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