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Topic - Wrist injury not healing - can anybody out there help me?

nekonainen - on 21 Feb 2013
I am looking for any help with a wrist injury which I attained three months ago and which is not only stopping me from climbing but also a massive hindrance just on normal daily life.

I hurt my left wrist/ forearm when climbing hard roof problems at a time when I knew I was too tired and not properly warmed up (you may be able to guess how much I regret doing that now). Went to GP several times, and in the end I had to really fight to get an MRI as the GP insisted it was only a muscle strain. The MRI, taken about one month ago showed that I have/had internal swelling in the wrist, tendonitis in two tendons, a bone bruise and a small ganglion cyst. The main problem is that I am only seeing very slight improvement after resting for 3 months. I have ended up doing almost everything just with my right hand, because even little things like typing, doing the dishes or holding up my phone for a couple minutes when looking at it can bring on the pain. The GP is now saying that because I didn’t rest the wrist sufficiently straight after the injury he cannot help me with anything other than painkillers and has also put me in the queue for physio. I have been in the queue for 7 weeks, now another 5 weeks before they can give me an appointment… Meanwhile I am doing cold/hot/cold treatment on the wrist at least once a day which seems to help a little, otherwise am just trying not to use the left hand for anything much. I am really going out of my mind due to lack of climbing or any other exercise. Only running seems safe for the wrist and I really don’t like running at all.

If anyone can advise me of some sports/climbing wrist/hand injury specialist in London/South East who might be able to help, I would be most grateful. (I am currently unemployed so have limited funds as well)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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