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Topic - Health Worries

mypyrex - on 09 Mar 2013
I've been obliged to return from "exile" and seek the benefit of the wisdom of any UKCers who might be able to throw any light on the following or offer advice.

Sister in law, who is 76 has been found to have a rapid heart beat(arrythmia? - sp)and is under her dr for that. What we are more worried about is her rapid weight loss, coupled with no real interest in food, she says she is eating but either she isn't or she isn't eating enough. She has lost about 2 stones in six months but she says the dr is not concerned about it. We do wonder if she is telling the dr the full story

She has had all sorts of tests(which would have presumably ruled out the "Big C") for other things but nobody, least of all herself, seems to be tackling the weight loss which is worrying all the rest of us. She says she is not worried but I don't think she can see how she has "wasted away".

Assuming a return to a "normal" diet I would have assumed that she would have started putting on weight with a couple of weeks, if not days but it isn't happening.

I know we are not a medical forum but anyone able to comment? I think she needs to see a nutritionist.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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