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Topic - Smartphone advice & GPS

Phil79 - on 11 Mar 2013
I've been using a clunky old nokia mobile for many years and never been fussed about getting a Smartphone, principally because I'm too much of a scrooge to outlay the money every month. However, I think the time has final come and I would like some advice please.

Principally want one for all the usual smartphoney stuff text, calls, web browsing etc, but also having recently stepped up the amount of running and cycling I do, I want one with a decent GPS so I can use one of the various mapping/logging apps. Already use my ipod for browsing/apps etc, but no GPS or Id probably stick with that. Not bothered about the latest phones, as dont really want to spend more than 20-25 a month.

Was thinking of either a Samsung SII (but I hear the GPS can be a bit iffy?) or an iphone 4S, or possibly an HTC but not sure what model.

So couple of questions - do people find the android to be better/worse than IOS, or is it horses for courses? Is the GPS quality noticeably better/worse on any modern smartphone? And is it worth getting a slightly older model (i.e. iphone 4s/ galaxy SII) or will I regret it when bearing in mind standard seems to be 24 month contract these days?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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