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Topic - 45, is an OU Env Science degree worth it?

teflonpete - on 24 Apr 2013
Quick personal history. I worked for 11 years for a rotating equipment repair company (industrial motors, pumps, fans etc in power stations, oil refineries etc). Started there as a driver and was workshop supervisor when I left 11 years later. Been in my current job for 15 years, starting as a shift maintenance technician, now the engineering and technical support coordinator (junior manager). My job is due to come to an end towards the end of this year / beginning of next due to plant closure as cinema film processing is replaced completely by digital projection in cinemas.

I started studying for an Environmental Science BSc hons with the Open University in 2010 and have completed 2 Level 1 and 1 Level 2 modules, all with distinction grades. Currently working on my second Level 2 module, struggling with it a bit but keeping my head above water. If I continue with the full degree, I'll complete it in 2016, by which time I'll be 49.

Originally I thought it might be a suitable qualification to tack on to my work experience to get a job in one of the renewable energy industries but realistically, I'll be job hunting before I've finished my degree and don't really want a desk job / management role again. Would an employer even be interested in employing a 49 / 50 year old recent graduate? Coupled with that, the emphasis of the level 3 modules on this degree path is on monitoring and understanding the natural environment rather than understanding green technologies and practices. My main reason for wanting the degree qualification was to maintain my employment prospects in a career well paid enough to pay the mortgage on the family home. A divorce and house sale as part of the settlement means that that is no longer an issue.

I think I'd be happier doing short term contracts on a CIS or self employed basis, bearing in mind that I enjoy practical work and have a wide range of practical skills, knowledge and experience.

Since I've lost interest in the path my degree is taking, lost interest in holding a managerial or supervisory role and will be nearly 50 when my degree is finished, is it worth continuing with it and putting the work / hours in just to get a piece of paper with BSc written on it?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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