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Topic - Outdoor legislation (sorry)

Philo22 - on 14 May 2013
Feel a little guilty posting a question like this on UKC - A. Because it is a super boring topic and B. because I have been rather quiet as of late on the forum. However, after spending many fruitless hours on Google I thought I would try the combined knowledge of UKC forums, apologies in advance!
I'm looking at setting up a (very!) small business in the South West, providing fitness and endurance training at a slightly higher level than already offered. The sessions will be geared towards those hoping to enter the forces or compete in endurance events such as triathlons or simply those who enjoy a bit of suffering.
I am aiming to split the sessions between indoor classes (have the use of a sports hall) doing basic circuit training/bleep tests etc. and outdoor cardio work - long runs, wild swims, beach runs, weighted runs etc.
Stage 2 of the project is going to include weekends away, I'm currently looking and Dartmoor or the Brecons for some 'enhanced' endurance work.

I have now come up against the joys of licensing and legislation and I wondered if there would be somebody on UKC who could perhaps shed some light for me?
I'm particularly struggling with what I should be qualified in. I'll shortly be qualified as a personnel trainer and already hold first aid and remote first aid tickets but obviously my business entails rather a lot more than working out in a gym. If at all possible I would really rather not have to become a walking leader, ML, swimming instructor and lifeguard just so that I am able to take groups for a run and an outdoor swim - if only for the fact that obtaining many of these tickets will take years. (That's not to say I wouldn't be happy to work towards them at a later date, I realize that overnight trips in the Brecons will require a higher standard of training).
If anyone has experience in this area I would be very grateful for any advice you have to offer. I'd much rather have an idea of what is required before charging in and asking governing bodies for advice and being told I need hundreds of pointless qualifications that are actually not essential.
Apologies again for the rather un-exciting topic, any and all comments are most welcome.
All the best
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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