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Topic - Muscle growth with calorie deficit

Ben Sharp - on 21 Jun 2013
Just one to throw out to the physical sciency folks which has been nagging me. The bulkies always seem reasonably obsessed with eating loads of food with the argument that you can't gain muscle/strength without having a calorie excess (followed by the slimming back down and oiling up!).

Although I'm sure an excess helps I always find it hard to believe that it's essential, I've certainly lost visible fat and gained strength during the same period of time. I also remember reading "legionnaire" when I was younger and those guys were half starved to death and rake thin but still were able to do the whole action man thing. Royal Marines apparently find it impossible to consume more calories than they burn during training but clearly gain strength throughout. So what's the story, is it just optimal to eat more or is it close to impossible to make strength gains while not eating enough.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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