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Topic - Our Government's latest plan- Solar Power

Blizzard - on 23 Jun 2013
My initial reaction prior to reading this article was:

Do we have enough sun in the UK?

Having read the article I have the following responses:

How can it overload our electricity system when we are decommissioning coal powered stations in future?

Where are they going to put them? They require 75,000 acres of land.

Are the subsidies going to be as great as the Wind power subsidies? (the equilivent of apparently 100K per employee- I read somewhere, highly inefficient in real cost terms)

Where is the sense in shutting down a new solar panel system in summer? (insane or what?)

In our modern age of climate change and the need for alternative energy, I am surprised at the objections to large industrial scale plants. They have to be put somewhere, if we are going to make any progress to combat Peak Oil ( I once read in National Geographic Magazine that a large solar plant factory was suggested to be built in Africa and the power generated transported by pylons to Europe to fulfill our energy requirements)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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