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Topic - Rubbish / Unsafe indoor wall

climbhardfan - on 04 Jul 2013
Hi all,

Just after some opinions on what to do if you're local wall is rubbish / unsafe. Just a few of the issues at my local bouldering wall:

1. Atmosphere is so chalky that it's like walking into a solid mist. It's an entirely closed room with no ventilation at all so it gets really hot and I'm sure the ppm of particulates is very high.
2. Incredibly crowded, with lots of people who are new to the game so don't get out of the way when bouldering...it's getting to the point where people are falling on-top of each other.
3. No direct supervision of the wall at all so if a group of kids are running around (which happens regularly) they are left to do as they want.
3. Less serious stuff: Routes changed every two months, holds greasy, wall too hot.

Before any-one suggests raising these issues to the staff - the wall is part of a leisure centre and the receptionists that let you in don't care / aren't interested. The feedback is pretty constant on the social media as well so I'm sure they are aware (they being the 'management').

I guess the main reply I'll get is to go somewhere else.But i'm interested in any other suggestions.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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