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Topic - A chance to decide our own ethics! snakes/ladders/tunnels

wilkie14c - on 07 Jul 2013
The ethics of trad, sport, winter etc etc have not only been discussed to death but pretty much settled and accepted now. Here is a rare chance to decide our own ethics on this unique 'route' - snakes and ladders (and tunnels)

I was reading through the many comments users have left and must admit to chuckling to myself as many claim the 'solo'. FFS if you ain't abbing or climbing a ladder its a walk! Can you solo a ladder then? I always thought that was the only way to climb a ladder. Is a abb a 'solo' too? Many admit to aiding the chain and to be honest I think this is the way on this route. It is usually a wet weather day out so aiding is really the fastest and probably safest way up. I aided it, 2 x 120 slings simply larks footed to the links and kept moving them up. SL&T is a route where it is best to keep moving on through and not one for burning yourself out attempting to 'lead on sight' a bloody chain LOL!
I've no idea what the bridge of death is like now but after all the rain last summer but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't go across again. The space below it was created by landslide in the first place so it was unstable to begin with and maybe we should declare it unjustifiable and amend the route/grade accordingly.
My proposed ethic for the route:
Solo everything <walks and abbs!> aid the chain, walk past the B.O.D. For the full tick no stickies allowed and no headtorches unless the route is done at night. <you'd still take one with you though obviously>
downgraded to VS with 3 very unique stars <downgrade from HVS as the chain has recently been tied off and omitting the B.O.D>
Anyone see the picture of Mordor in this weeks top ten? Brilliant atmosphere.
Oh yea, the route:

Let ethic war begin :-)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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