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Topic - Confined space training / fitness options for shift workers?

ksjs - on 02 Aug 2013
I've just started a new job and it involves shift work:

Day 1: 8.00AM - 11.00PM
Sleep-in (on call)
Day 2: 8.00AM - 11.00PM

Unless I get up mega early on day 1 to go for a run or something or have a very late one, maybe a fingerboard session, on day 2 when I get home I'm looking at 2 days with no exercise.

Getting up really early or going to bed really late are options I'd prefer to avoid so I think the only window of opportunity is the start of the sleep-in period on day 1.

I'm limited to a smallish room and have no training facilities. Ultimately I might be able to install a fingerboard but for now I'd like a more immediate solution. The only ideas I can come up with are:

- press-ups
- sit-ups

This makes for a fairly dull routine and I'm not sure how useful it would be. I don't necessarily have any fitness / strength targets, I just want to do something to either raise heart rate or maintain stamina / power. I can't do any jumping around due to potential noise issues.

If anyone has any more suggestions for room based exercise or training I'd be grateful if you could share them on here.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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