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diddler - on 02 Sep 2013

Sorry for popping this in UKC but this site gets far more traffic than the NZ forums.

As per the title, I am heading to wanaka for some skiing in a couple of weeks (mid sept), so would prob be looking to get some bouldering/climbing in for either a day or a few evenings.

Just wondering if there was anywhere to hire a boulder mat in town?. Also any must do's up to V7ish would be greatly accepted, not too highball (just incase i don't have a spotter).

Also I have the wanaka rock guide, but anything more substantial when it comes to the boulders available online?

Graham - on 02 Sep 2013
In reply to diddler:
Not that I know of. The only place that I know that rents boulder pads on the south island is in Springfield, on the way to Castle Hill. They will rent you a pad for multiple days, so if you're flying into Christchurch, it's not too far out of your way to rent one from there.

I would post on www.climber.co.nz Yes, it's not super active, but you might get some wanaka local willing to lend you a pad or something. Worth a try.

have fun.

AdrianC - on 02 Sep 2013
In reply to diddler: A couple of things you could try:- Give the guys & girls at MT Outdoors a call or email or try the folks at Basecamp (the local climbing wall.) Failing that there's every chance that turning up at the crags (which you pass on the way to Treble Cone anyway) and making friends with somebody who has one will work. Can probably find out some more local info in a few days (am a bit busy with a course at the moment) if you drop me an email.
diddler - on 02 Sep 2013
In reply to diddler:

cheers guys, and adrian, any more info would be much appreciated.

Climbed there many times and its always been easy to find a friend and that, but just figured if it was an hour or so on an evening id rather be turning up prepared.

Will be flying in and out of QT so unfortunately christchurch and castle/flock hill not on the agenda this trip, later on in the year.
KiwiPrincess - on 02 Sep 2013
In reply to diddler:
Queenstown has great bouldering but can be closed due to lambing at that time of year

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