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Topic - fitting petzl lynx crampons to nepal extremes properly

MrRiley - on 01 Oct 2013
I bought a pair of lynx crampons last season and was very impressed with them, barring one small issue - no matter how much fiddling I do I can't seem to prevent the front-points from angling inwards slightly. Not a major problem on most terrain but on steep, bullet-hard ice it's something I could do without having to think about! At the time I just got on with it but as my thoughts turn to the coming season I was reminded and want to get it sorted! Anyone have any similar issues and managed to sort it out? The only thing I can think of is that I'm still using the supplied bars but my boots are size 46. Petzl recommend using a longer bar (sold separately of course) for boots over size 41!! This seemed like a bit of a con so I didn't get them...

thanks in advance!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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