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Topic - Good compliment to a 'walking' axe for lower grade climbs

Oo on 15 Oct 2013
I've done limited winter walking and am hoping to get up to the Gorms over new year and refresh some skills and learn some new ones. Currently the misses and I each have a 60cm new style Cirque. So my thoughts are at what point does a second axe become useful, and then necessary?

Can I start by getting away with buying a pair of 'climbing' (for want of a better word) axes like Quarks/Apexs and splitting them up between us, or would it be better for one to be properly equipped and one to have two Cirques to keep a bit more balance?

I imagine this is a situation more people than just me have found themselves in.... all thoughts appreciated, and yes I've gone into a shop and swung some axes and baulked at the price tags already, hence I think I'd like to end up with a pair of quarks/apexs.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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