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Topic - UKC Logbook Changes

We are making some changes to UKC Logbooks slowly over the next few months. One of the things we have now developed is the ability to copy routes that only exist on the Rockfax database, across to the UKC database in a single click. Before doing this we compare the two listings to make sure we match routes of the same name. This includes a manual selection process to take account of bad spellings, accents, and slight variations in route names.

For certain crags, especially in France, the current UKC logbook entries have been built slowly over time and they never had a data dump from Rockfax. Some of these crags have diligent moderators who have kept the routes nicely in order but there are still many routes in the Rockfax that aren't in UKC Logbooks.

What will now happen is that the extra routes from the Rockfax guides that haven't been entered, will be copied across to the UKC crag entries and added to the end of the list under a new buttress heading 'Routes added from Rockfax guide'.

Although the copied routes will be in approximate RF guidebook order, the whole listing on UKC will not now be in guidebook order. This will create a bit of extra work for moderators who want to re-order the routes again.

A tip for those who don't like the drag and drop system of re-ordering. Switch of Javascript in your browser temporarily via the Preferences option, and this gives you the option to order the routes using ordering numbers.

If you have a particular crag that you would like me to copy the Rockfax routes over from then please mention it on this thread

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who helps with the UKC Logbook moderation.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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