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Topic - Historicity of Jesus (was Scouts and religion)

Coel Hellier - on 24 Oct 2013
Excellent, we've hit the auto-archive! And thus a chance for a more appropriate thread title.

Continuing from:

In reply to Tim Chappel:

> but remember where we've got to in this argument. I don't need to show that it necessarily does. Rather,
> you need to show that it necessarily doesn't. I've just proved that that cannot be shown.

No I don't! Again, you make an amazing reversal of the burden of proof!

Your overall stance: Jesus was clearly a historical person c. AD30, and it's absurd to deny this.

My overall stance: The case for the "historical" Jesus being a mythical person made up in storified allegories post-AD71 is just as good as the case for him being an actual historical person. Neither case can be established beyond reasonable doubt, and one can argue about the balance of probability.

Given that, *you* are the one who needs to refute mythicism. Unless you're retreating to "historicism is just as plausible, you mythicists can't actually refute it".

Now *you* are the one trying to use that passage as showing Paul's awareness of a recently living Jesus, and thus refuting mythicism.

I need only show that the passage is capable of meaning "tale from Scripture" (cf. kata Mark, "tale from Mark"), and thus that it is compatible with mythicism.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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