/ camp stalker crampons

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rockpool on 25 Oct 2013
does anyone have experience of use with the above crampons id be interested in what you think of them and their limitations .am considering a purchase and intend to use them for grade 1 to 3 winter mountaineering. have listened to and read most of the sales pitches, but personal experience of equipment would be much appreciated.
In reply to rockpool: I almost bought a pair some years back when I need a pair short notice and cheap. They struck me as basic 12 points crampons but as long as the stay on your boots fine, you can't go far wrong with basic 12 point crampons.

Very similar and also super good value are http://www.ukclimbing.com/gear/review.php?id=3300
I see Needlesports has the the semi auto version for 70 quid and full strap even less.
peebles boy - on 25 Oct 2013
In reply to rockpool:

Been using a pair very similar to these (camp ice rider crampon) without any hassles up to and including grade 4's. They're great for most stuff up to 3, and useful for more mixed type routes above that. Good "all rounder" in terms of mountaineering - never had any balling up problems (have the rubber anti balling plates) and have enough freedom in the hinge to use on various types of boots (yo ucan get them in full strap on or rear clip in).

Have moved up to more rigid based crampons this winter only because

a) I got a really good deal on a pair of technical crampons
b) Looking to do more ice-based routes this year - this is the one thing that the Ice Riders sometimes struggle with (hard, steep water ice)


rockpool on 26 Oct 2013
In reply to TobyA: hi tobya! many thanks for your response and reminding me of needlesports in Keswick and the 3star info they give on their equipment. im gonna go for the nuptse 12 point.

rockpool on 26 Oct 2013
In reply to peebles boy:hi p.b. many thanks for your input I decided to go for the nuptse 12point. good luck for the winter season.


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