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Topic - Weight training for kids

CharlesE - on 01 Nov 2013
I've been staying with my aunt and uncle for a bit and they have two kids, aged 10 and 12 (boy and girl respectively). I've been taking them climbing to the local bouldering wall and doing just fun stuff with them and they seem to really enjoy it. My uncle has a pretty sweet home gym and I have been using it a bit to try and get stronger.

I notice that when my cousins are bouldering they are really held back by lack of strength. With their tiny hands and light weight they should be able to float up problems.

I have started them on basic weights (we play at doing deadlifts, where I lift the thing and they 'help' me to get them used to the idea. Question is, what would an acceptable 1rm for a 10yo boy/12yo girl in a sample of exercises? Compared to their bodyweight. I.e. are they like ants and can lift twice their tiny weight or are they like me and can only lift 1.4 bodyweight?

I had in mind deadlifts, bench press, bent over front row and lat pull down, that kind of thing.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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