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Topic - The Road (Job) not taken?

Bobling - on 05 Nov 2013
This is a bit whimsical and should be taken lightheartedly...I'm not even sure why I'm asking but I suspect fellow UKCers have some interesting ones...looking back at your life is there a job which you think "I wonder what would have happened if I took that job, how differently would my life have turned out?"

For me there are actually two:
1st was when I was fresh out of University and turned down a job helping at Keswick YHA to carry on working on Poland Street in Soho at a charity. Sadly the charity job turned hellish shortly thereafter! It took me another five or so years to really get into the outdoor activities after that. I still have not been to the Lake District since!

2nd was when I was in New Zealand and turned down a permanent job at District Health Boards New Zealand as I felt I 'still had something to give' at the role I was in at the Ministry of Health. Sadly that role too turned (even more) hellish and I ended up giving a week's notice shortly thereafter. I wonder if we would even now be in NZ if I had taken that permanent job...

Disclaimers apply - i.e you can never tell how things would have worked out. For me this is not about regrets, simply musings on parallel universes.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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