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Topic - Global Independence

Chambers - on 28 Nov 2013
Whether you like it or not - and believe me I know that a lot of you don't - it's very nearly all over for capitalism. The way that we're going now the planet is going to be facing some very serious problems in the next four decades. All of these problems are surmountable. But not within capitalism.

Don't misunderstand me, here.

Compared to feudalism - the dominant economic system that capitalism replaced - capitalism was pretty f*cking neat for a while. It developed the means of production to the point where we could do a lot of fantastic shit on demand. Like placing a very heavy object on Mars. Feudalism could never have done that. But just as feudalism was radical when it supplanted what anthrof*ckingshitheads and bourgeois historians call 'classical antiquity', it outlived its usefulness. Capitalism has now outlived its usefulness, and it's time for an upgrade.

Under capitalism, half of the burgeoning population is malnourished. 25% are starving whilst 25% (roughly 25%, it's 37.1% if you look at Tamworth!) are overfed whilst still being undernourished. One or two percent of the population own more than they can ever consume, while the vast majority struggle to survive.

It gets worse. Much worse. Nations fall out over finite resources. World War 3.5 looks increasingly likely. Sea levels are rising as capitalist production rapes the planet with no thought for anything but short-term gain.

Wake up, people!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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