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Topic - Tiso and their claim to be "outdoor specialist"

What has happened to Tiso? Ten years ago they had good customer service and plenty of staff with a good level of knowledge about climbing equipment.

Today I went to a branch to buy children's harness for my son and asked the man to help me with selecting a children's harness. He didn't know about the harnesses so went off to get another member of staff. Fair enough up to this point, I don't expect everyone who works in Tiso to know about harnesses. The second guy didn't know about harnesses either. Beginning to ring alarm bells - two staff on the climbing floor not knowing about harnesses?? Hmmmmm..... The third guy said they didn't have any in stock - fair enough, it is Xmas after all - but curiously wasn't able to say what makes/models of children's harnesses they do normally stock. They said I should try the other store in town, so I asked if they could phone the other store for me and find out what children's harnesses they have in stock. At this point we're back to the first guy. He can't find the number for the other store for ages and several attempts later having repeatedly dialled wrong numbers, over five minutes later he speaks to the other store. He puts the phone down and says they only stock the Petzl "Uzi" but tells me they haven't got any in stock. I tell him Petzl don't make a harness called that, and ask if perhaps me meant the Petzl Ouistiti. He says it was definitely the Uzi. I ask him if it is a sit harness or full body harness, which generates a totally blank look, and he then says "they didn't say and I didn't ask".

I'm not asking for a rare item here. Tiso bill themselves as "Scotland's number one outdoor clothing and equipment specialist shop". Unfortunately they just aren't living up to this bold claim.

Anyone else had difficulties with Tiso?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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