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Topic - Super-tight hip flexor help

kathrync - on 09 May 2014
I have an appointment to see my physio next week - I was just looking for some advice in the meantime.

My right hip flexor is super-tight at the moment. Tight to the point where standing up straight or lying down flat is painful and I am walking with a weird twist to my gait to avoid tugging on it. It hurts when I stretch it, but it also hurts at the upper insertion point if I raise my right knee (it's ok if I use my hands to lift my knee).

The problem seems to have been brought about by inactivity - I have had a kidney infection for the last couple of weeks which made me quite ill so I was spending a lot of time in bed or on the sofa in awkward positions to avoid putting pressure on the sore kidney. The hip was fine before and I noticed it was sore as I started feeling better and moving around more. I already had my GP poke at my abdomen and declare that the problem is not related to lingering infection anywhere in there.

So, anything I can do to loosen it up? I tried having a go with a foam roller, but I lasted about 10 seconds before I had to stop because I was seeing pretty flashes of light. I have a selection of hip flexor stretches I usually do after running, but right now just getting into the position for any of those is impossible - lying flat on the floor is only just tolerable.

So, suggestions, stretches, comments, sympathy??

Thanks :o)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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