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Topic - Beginners training schedule

kamsy - on 11 May 2014
Hi everyone,

I started climbing indoors a couple of months ago. At first I went a couple times with a friend of mine, beginner as well, and then we both decided to take a novice course. They taught us the basics of top rope climbing: knots, belaying, etc. Since the, we have kept going once per week and enjoyed it a lot.

I also practice other activities, go running a couple days per week (just to do some cardio, don't really take it too serious), play football occasionally, cycle occasionally, etc. And also go to the gym once per week.

Now, I'd like to take climbing a little bit more seriously, still keeping it as a hobby but I want it to become my main activity, complementing it with the others I mentioned before. Im currently reading "the self coached climber", and getting some good training tips from it that I'd like to check with you guys and see what you think.

I'd like to still go running twice per week, as it helps me to stay fit and to work some cardio. I think that although I find gym boring and tedious, I also should go once per week to work my opposing muscles (chest, triceps, front forearm, etc..). Another day I think I should just relax and maybe do some stretching, but that's it, just a recover day. That leaves me with 3 days I can devote to climbing. Here is what I had thought I could do with these days:

The friend I go with just climbs once per week, so I could use that day just to climb (top rope). The second day I was thinking about bouldering on my own, and the third day to focus on technique exercises the author suggests in the book i mentioned before (quiet foot, turns, flags, etc.).

As I said, I want to keep it as a hobby, not an obsession, that's why I also want to keep doing some other activities.

What do you guys think???.

Thanks a lot.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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