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Topic - Beginner Outdoor Bouldering Advice

SulkySubset - on 11 May 2014
Hi All,

I have tried to search for this on the forums but didn't come up with much, so apologies if this is a done to death topic.

A quick background. A friend and I have started indoor bouldering about 2 months ago, we have thoughtly enjoyed it and make it to the gym 2-3 times a week now. Our skill level is somewhere around a v3-v4, based on the fact we can climb most V3's confidently with minimal difficulties.

With the summer approaching we are thinking of trying to get outdoors, visit some of the crags in south-east peak district (as we're Nottingham based). So my questions are;

1) How to finding climbs? guide books seem the best and easiest way, is it recommended to buy guide book(s)?

2) From a bit of research into guide books I have come up with these three.
...a. BMC - Peak District Bouldering
...b. Rockfax - Peak Bouldering
...c. Rockfax - Eastern Grid
Any recommendations or thoughts on these for a beginner?
I am leaning toward option B, thought it costs more it is a newer print, athletically looks better put together and a lot more climbs covered in it.

3) Starting point? I have read roaches, burbage south or cratcliff are good stating points.

4) Any general advice, tips or things I should think about as a first timer to outdoor?

Current Preparation:
-Read a couple articles, e.g. UKC's 'Ten Tips For Bouldering Outdoors'
-Read a few BMC leaflets/artices like 'cragcode'
-Waiting for 'Bouldering Essentials: The Complete Guide To Bouldering' to arrive, hopefully to gain a more comprehensive understanding
-Practicing proper falling Technique
-Practicing spotting (so we're comfortable and confident in doing it right)
-Paying more attention to where we land relative to the wall and movements (indoor), to understand where crash mats need to be placed
-Brainstorming what can go wrong and how to best deal with it, including what's needed in a first aid kit.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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