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Topic - Running with asthma

Irk the Purist - on 02 Jun 2014
Some of you may remember this thread, probably none of you, but hereís a link to remind you. Itís closed or Iíd reply to it.

The premise is, Iíve been trying to get sub 40 minute 10k pace for ages. Iíve got an 85:50 half marathon done about 4 years ago, with a last 10k split of 40:11 but despite starting specific training Iíd only got this down to 40:04, on a flat course with the wind behind me. My theory was I had a speed limit that I couldnít go beyond. With some good advice on the thread I made some progress and felt that I just needed to get a good day and eventually Iíd scrape under. The frustration was that despite all the work I was putting in, Iíd only got it down about 10 seconds.

Well, Iíve had a cough all year. Went to the doctors, got referred to a spirograph and have been diagnosed as asthmatic, which is a shock. Only 72% of my lung capacity was being expelled within a second, hence the speed limit I think. My Ďlung ageí was 56, nearly twice my age. Iíve been taking the inhalers for a month now, did a hilly 10k in 40:29 two weeks ago, slower than last year by 11 seconds and just about gave up. Then yesterday I did 38:57, 67 seconds faster than ever before. Iíve done nothing different, in fact Iíve done less. I only went because I entered before I found I was asthmatic. And I forgot my watch so I had no idea of my time until I got to the end so no way of pacing myself. By all accounts, I am very pleased.

So the question is, are inhalers on the WADA list for prohibited drugs? Am I a drugs cheat or is it just helping me reach my natural potential? I want to go faster, and obviously I have to take the meds, but also I really want that time to count. I want to know in my head it was my hard work that got me that time, not the drugs.

Also, any general advice on managing asthma and running? I have no intention of stopping, even if I go back to the endurance stuff.


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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