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Topic - You are hurtled back in time to 10,000 years ago.....

Cú Chullain - on 02 Jul 2014
....with nothing but the clothes on your back; the local tribe / inhabitants take you in, and you are able to learn their language in short order. You become their leader. The tribe numbers approximately 200. While you do not have access to the internet nor any modern technology, assume you are a bit of a polymath (not outrageously so, but have a broad base of knowledge).

Also assume you are unusually / fantastically long-lived, despite the living conditions / average mortality of your tribe (perhaps as a result of the time travel ordeal) - say a 100-150 year lifespan and remain relatively healthy / mobile for the vast majority of your life.

How far do you think one person could advance such a tribe technologically in this timeframe?

I'm assuming this is the dawn of agriculture and animal husbandry (both are just beginning - not widespread though).
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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