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Topic - Heart rates - Training for the new alpinism book

Mr-Cowdrey on 14 Jul 2014
I'm a little confused with Heart Rates used in this book. As a brief summary, the book says this:

(% of max heart rate)
Recovery: <55% Conversational pace
Zone 1: 55 - 75% Nose Breathing
Zone 2: 75 - 85% Deep and steady breathing
Zone 3: 80 - 90% Short sentences
Zone 4: 90 - 95% No talking

Now, when out running i was trying to stay in Zone 1, however my heart rate monitor was saying that i was at 90% of max HR (zone 3/4) yet i was still able to breath through my nose (albiet noisy and labored, which the book states is upper end of zone 1) and when i tried getting my HR down to the required percentage (55 - 75%), i resorted to a brisk walk.

In the end, i just kept at a pace that only required me to breath through my nose (about 9min mile pace)

So in a long winded way of asking, whats happening? Am I unfit, super fit, abnormal? or do i possibly have a dodgy HR monitor? any other suggestions?

if it's of any help, i smoke as well, about 10-15 a day. (i know, i know, QUIT!!!)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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