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Master of Ice on 19 Sep 2016
After a guide book for Ecrin area ice. Which do you find is the best one ?
andyr - on 19 Sep 2016
Master of Ice on 20 Sep 2016
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Cheers Andy
andyr - on 20 Sep 2016
In reply to Master of Ice:

Forgot to ask. Where are you based; as the Queyras guide may be of use as well.
Master of Ice on 07:21 Wed
In reply to andyr:

Thinking of heading out there beginning of next year as a change to Norway etc. Not been to the area before, so I'm open to as many ideas as possible Andy.
andyr - on 17:15 Wed
In reply to Master of Ice:

It's like most of the well known ice climbing venues in Europe. Unless it's stayed warm you're going to find something. If you get a good cold spell you're going to find a lot of choice; and have a great time. There's a good website for up to date conditions http://conditions.ice-fall.com/ Have a look at the various Secteurs on the left hand side for pictures.

There's a lot of alternatives if the conditions are a bit thin. You're sitting in the middle of a number of good ski resorts. The ski mountaineering in the Queyras is classic; and if the suns out you be able to go climbing on the low south facing cliffs. Winter via ferattas can be fun as well.

Guillestre is a good bases as it sits in the middle of the area. Vallouise is another popular one; but it sits a fair way up a side valley, which adds to the amount of travel time if you want to explore the area.
Master of Ice on 07:47 Thu
In reply to andyr: that's superb, thanks. It sounds ideal. Got maxed out at rjukan, especially with the conditions not being the best the last couple of years. Looks like I'll be heading out to give this area a try this coming season.

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