/ Why are pressure washers like climbing partners ?

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mike123 - on 17 Oct 2016

All mine are old and knackered .
Recommendations please for a new one . Washer that is .
I've just been tinkering with my Gerni , made in Denmark 15 plus years ago. If gerni still existed I d just buy another but sadly not. Always found karcher s other than the big diesel things they used to make , a bit flimsy . I want Makita quality.
Edit : I have no idea, are Makita washers any good ? Looking a nilfisk because they bought out gerni I think
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ian caton on 08:02 Tue
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cap'nChino - on 11:30 Tue
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We use Kranzle pumps in our systems and they are pretty good.
Bjartur i Sumarhus on 11:40 Tue
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I have a nilfisk and its very good. More sturdily built than Karcher, know nothing about Makita though.
ripper - on 12:06 Tue
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Why are climbing partners like pressure washers?

ok I'll start...

because they blow hot and cold?
because it always feels like a big chore to get them out, but once you get in the flow they're quite enjoyable to work with?
because whenever you get them out you invariably end up in hot water?
any more reasons?
davy_boy - on 12:14 Tue
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Had a nilfisk for 5 year now and still going strong used weekly for washing the cars and few times a year doing the patio etc.
Mate works at a plant hire place and they always have nilfisk washers for daily cleaning of mini diggers and dumpers etc.
zimpara - on 14:22 Tue
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Karcher K4 is a great bit of kit.
wbo - on 14:38 Tue
In reply to mike123: As the owner of a Karcher I'd prefer a Nilfisk. Mine is ok and the price was right but it is as mentioned a bit flimsy

mike123 - on 07:55 Wed
In reply to wbo:
Thanks all, never heard of kranzle which is exactly the reason for starting this thread .
Also it should be noted that the grumpy geordie And the ginger ninja are not old.
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