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callwild - on 23 Nov 2016
Anybody have information or Topos about the Roques de Garcia in Tenerife or any other trad climbing areas on the island.
everything seems unavailable apart from sports routes.
Noelle - on 23 Nov 2016
In reply to callwild:

Hi. Just got back from a climbing holiday in Tenerife. The most up to date information is available from the Roxstar shop in Arico. Their website is also good (seems to be down as I type, but was up last week so they may be updating things?) The Climbing House in Arico also had a folder of updates and articles on Tenerife. Try looking here: http://tenerifeclimbinghouse.com/en/climbing-in-tenerife/

You can find trad climbing everywhere. There are mixed climbing ethics/styles all over the island. Most crags have both trad routes and bolted, often right next to each other! It seems odd to UK climbers, but that's how things have developed over there. If you get the Tenerife climbing guide, the topos have a red colour for trad lines and yellow for sport (or vice versa). My gang only took gear for sports climbing to save on luggage costs, but I'll definitely be taking my rack next time.

callwild - on 30 Nov 2016
In reply to Noelle:

Are double ropes required for abseiling from Trad routes such as Roques De Garcia? or is a 70m single OK?
Noelle - on 30 Nov 2016
In reply to callwild:

I don't know, as I haven't climbed there at all. It was too cold (4C) to climb at Canadas del Capricho last month, but maybe the Roques side catches the sun?

Definitely a good idea to email/phone people at the Tenerife climbing shop and ask them. The website is back up now.


cwarby - on 30 Nov 2016
In reply to callwild:

I've only been bouldering, not quite what you asked for. Poris is good for a quick hit; see

Enjoy whatever.

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