/ good monitor for photo editing?

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kevin stephens - on 12:09 Sat
I would like to spend some more time and effort on photo editing. The 13 inch screen on my Dell XPS laptop is good quality but rather small for use of Lightroom. I am thinking of getting a good desktop monitor, say 24 inch for photo editing and general use. There is a bewildering choice out there and it's hard to get an idea of the sweet point of price vs performance.

The more expensive monitors boast of things I don't fully understand the benefit of like different colour gammuts etc. My old A3+ photo printers is dead and drivers not available for current Windows, I will get a good replacement sometime in the future, so although ability to colour match is not needed now it will be later.

My laptop will display 1920x1080 but can support monitors with much higher resolutions - Will these higher resolutions be beneficial on a 24 inch monitor?

Budget anything from 150 to 500 (if I really have to) but best value is important.

Most of my photography is with a 20Mp APS-C dslr.

Any help, guidance, experience would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
Mikkel - on 17:14 Sat
In reply to kevin stephens:

very pleased with this
image stay the same at very big angles so no change in brightness/colour when you move your head around.
ashaughnessy - on 20:52 Sat
In reply to kevin stephens:

I've got the same monitor as Mikkel mentions, the Dell U2412, and I'm also very happy with it. I calibrated / profiled it with a spider-device-thingy, so my prints look just how they do on the monitor.

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