Sunset Boulevard* HVS 5a
[simon fowler sunset boulevard hvs 5a, 3 kb]24m.

Rockfax Description
From the low cave climb the left-hand side of the slab by a series of mantelshelves then finish easily up the headwall above. © ROCKFAX

Photo: simon fowler sunset boulevard hvs 5a © karmaclimbing
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Hidden - Lead O/S - 01/Aug/15

Hidden - Lead O/S - 01/Aug/15

Hidden - 2nd - 01/Aug/15

Lots of confusion between the CC Guide and Rockfax. CC has Breakingwind to the left of Sunset Boulevard, Rockfax the other way round. We did the left had line which fitted the description of a 'series of mantleshelves'. Never E1. HVS 4c would be generous.
Andy Chubb - Lead O/S - 25/Jul/15 with Nick Gregory

mike lawrence? - Lead - 07/Apr/15 with Metal

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 04/Apr/15

Very eliminate, hard to know whether you'd strayed onto Sea Mist or the other way onto the E1!
Ella7 - Lead O/S - 21/Mar/15 with Joel

youwillfindjimbo - Lead O/S - 16/Nov/14 with Dan Ely

Difficult to find the right line, one hard move to get the break and then rock over. Tried to stay away from the arete as much as possible
katiep - Lead O/S - 12/Sep/14 with Callan

Pete Randall - 2nd O/S - 06/Sep/14 with Julian B

JulianB - Lead O/S - 06/Sep/14 with Pete Randall

Hidden - 2nd - 18/Aug/14

matjam - 2nd O/S - 15/Aug/14

Hidden - Lead O/S - 08/Aug/14

philboy - 2nd - 08/Aug/14 with matt g

Bit confused what i was supposed to do, avoided the arete of sea mist as best i could but still this felt v easy indeed. Whatever.
Owen W-G - Lead O/S - 03/Aug/14 with Sean

robw007 - 19/Jul/14

raymondlinklater - Lead O/S - 07/Jun/14 with Charley Stewart

richardashe - Lead O/S - 04/May/14 with Russtygibbons

Russtygibbons - 2nd β - 04/May/14 with richardashe

No way E1, quite eliminate and very escapable.
Olli-C - Lead O/S - 03/May/14 with Mike Richmond

Hardcore Pat - Lead O/S - 21/Apr/14 with Dr Julie

EmilyElouise - Lead O/S - 21/Apr/14

The initial wall was the crux with a tricky rock-over. Then easier with height.
Big Lee - Lead O/S - 18/Apr/14 with Murilo Lessa

Balancy and interesting start.
Murilo Lessa - 2nd O/S - 18/Apr/14 with Lee Harisson

hutchay - Lead O/S - 18/Apr/14 with Emily Palmer

miriamclaire - 2nd - Apr/14

pftom - Lead O/S - 29/Mar/14 with Rosie Hawker

gurumed - Lead β - 29/Sep/13 with Kenny

gjd - Lead O/S - 29/Sep/13 with Hutch

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 26/Aug/13

beakerburgess - Lead O/S - 26/Aug/13 with clare garside

Dan Hostford - Lead - 26/Aug/13 with George Hostford

John Dale - 2nd - 05/Aug/13 with Dave Wagg

Hidden - Lead O/S - 13/Jul/13

Gareth T - Lead O/S - 07/Jul/13 with Tim Popplestone

Hidden - Lead O/S - 02/Jun/13

Glyn Davidson - Lead O/S - 04/May/13 with Alex Grey

SPD224 - 2nd - 04/May/13 with Martin Smith

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 04/May/13

twilkinson-dix - 2013 with dave parker

cheesey959 - Lead O/S - 18/Nov/12

SteveM - Lead - 22/Sep/12 with Kat

Dave Reeve - Lead O/S - 22/Sep/12 with Tony Payne

kitkat78 - 2nd - 22/Sep/12 with SteveM

monkeyman79 - Lead O/S - 23/Aug/12 with Andy Makinson

myoung - Lead O/S - Aug/12 with Helen

riven - 2nd O/S - 23/Jun/12 with Joe T

very eliminate so feels a bit rubbish for that reason.
Dan Lane - 2nd O/S - 23/Jun/12 with Alex Thompson

hels bels - TR O/S - 01/Jun/12

Mike Hood - Lead - 24/May/12 with Nathan

benjih2o - Lead - 19/May/12 with peter baily

Very good, nice and technical
partz - Lead O/S - 05/May/12 with Henry Brown

Henry Brown - 2nd - 05/May/12 with matt ev

HIGHTOWER - Lead O/S - 04/May/12 with Luke Watts, Jonno

NathanW - 2nd O/S - May/12 with Mike Hood

s.c.white - 28/Apr/12 with Alessio Tait, Lauren Wallis

Dave Rumney - 2nd - 07/Apr/12 with Tanya Milner, Sean Roberts

asmith37 - 2nd O/S - 06/Apr/12 with Dave Rose

Hidden - Lead O/S - 06/Apr/12

Tom Wayman - Lead - 2012

Rob_Webster - 2012

cymjt - 2012

BicepAndrews - Lead O/S - 15/Oct/11 with Amy Mason

Ceridwen - Lead O/S - 02/Oct/11 with Andy Mosienko

Dibdawg - Lead O/S - 01/Oct/11 with Ramiro Villanueva

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 28/Aug/11

bigglesbutcha - Lead O/S - 27/Aug/11 with Simon Holden

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 27/Aug/11

max_chan - Lead O/S - 27/Aug/11 with Will

Simon Holden (LCandCC) - 2nd O/S - 27/Aug/11 with Tim Butcher

easier than Pink 'un!!
iceicebaby - 2nd O/S - 22/Aug/11 with Sam Wood

mikecollins - Lead O/S - 21/Aug/11 with Laura D

Hidden - Lead O/S - 13/Aug/11

Hidden - Lead O/S - 12/Aug/11

fjellogpadleskole - Lead - 02/Aug/11

fjellogpadleskole - Lead - 02/Aug/11

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 25/Jun/11

Fatboy1000 - 2nd O/S - 25/Jun/11

Chris M - 25/Jun/11 with Tommy B

first HVS woooop
joem - Lead O/S - 19/Jun/11

beakerburgess - 2nd O/S - 19/Jun/11 with Joe Mccarty

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 22/Apr/11

Lev - Lead rpt - 22/Apr/11 with Emma Ross

EmilyElouise - 2nd O/S - 21/Apr/11

Hidden - Lead O/S - 21/Apr/11

Rob84 - Lead O/S - 16/Apr/11 with Naomi Cornish

oliver.ghill91 - Lead - 19/Feb/11 with Zardoz

Leading for freshers.
JonBrown - Lead O/S - 19/Feb/11

Jo Davison - 2nd O/S - 19/Feb/11 with Dougie

dswansonlow - Lead O/S - 19/Feb/11 with sarp

Alkis - 2nd O/S - 12/Feb/11 with Oliver Hill

Paul Boggis - Lead - 2011

Richard James Edmunds - Lead - 2011

Hidden - Lead O/S - 16/Oct/10

np134 - Lead O/S - 16/Oct/10 with A. Shah

did this better 2nd time around. clean no falls.
twodada - Lead - 09/Oct/10 with Seb Fisher Green

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 02/Oct/10

DaNo123 - 2nd - 28/Aug/10 with shaun

ian d f - Lead O/S - 10/Aug/10 with Grace Chuchla

tigertim - Lead O/S - 08/Aug/10 with Steve Hordley

Hidden - Lead O/S - Aug/10

Hidden - Aug/10

Robin Head - Lead O/S - 11/Jul/10 with Tom D

Tom Downes - 2nd - 11/Jul/10 with Robin Head

very fun climb with nice holds !
TM_Horton - 2nd - Jun/10 with ed

Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH - 2nd O/S - 30/May/10 with Katya Sourkova

Katya - Lead - 30/May/10 with Paul

Stopper move rocking up onto the right hand end of the jug rail. Easy above. Very loose blocks at the top of the pink slab.
Ed morris - Lead O/S - 26/May/10 with Tom

really enjoyed it first hvs and felt very confident. beautiful views.
karmaclimbing - Lead O/S - 10/Apr/10

Byronius Maximus - 2nd - 05/Apr/10 with Alex Twist

Twisty - Lead O/S - 05/Apr/10 with Byron Buck

Hidden - Lead O/S - 21/Feb/10

Jon Hawes - 2nd - 21/Feb/10 with Pete Davis

Second HVS. Only had one set of and ran out of small ones. Ran it out to the massive ledge. Awesome but it felt easy for HVS.
James Oswald - 2010

AlistairB - Lead O/S - 11/Oct/09 with Qisheng Xie

Hidden - Lead O/S - 10/Oct/09

ICMC Pembroke Trip
Qisheng Xie - 2nd O/S - 10/Oct/09 with Alistair Brash

sonic46 - 2nd O/S - 14/Aug/09 with Mike Kean

Mattzx6r - 2nd O/S - 13/Aug/09 with Stu

dannyboy83 - Lead O/S - 02/Aug/09 with Alice

Jimbo12c - 2nd - Apr/09 with simon Lane

Jimbo12c - 2nd - Apr/09 with simon Lane

Ed Westwood - 2nd O/S - 02/Nov/08 with Nils Amelinckx

garburn - Lead O/S - 02/Nov/08 with Ed Westwood

Went out left on the traverse first basically the first move out to get on the face from the cave then straight up from there, then a bit right to the bottom end of the left slanting diagonal flake and two short but deep cracks in the middle of the face, straight on up the mantle shelfs. Is this right who knows! lot of confusion around this slab, ( E1 i think I agree with other comments looks like it is direct from cave as it looks to be pretty poor pro, until you get to the two deep cracks in the middle of the face)
DrIan - Lead O/S - 02/Aug/08 with juergen

Was my first HVS lead, chose this as I had just climbed Sea mist so decided that If I got stuck i could escape out left to the arete. Lovely climb
Ben Watts - Lead O/S - 02/Aug/08 with Kyle Rance

Hidden - 2nd - 02/Aug/08

Kyle Rance - 2nd - 02/Aug/08

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 09/May/08

nice climbing, slate-esque
ksjs - Lead O/S - 09/May/08 with goosebump

According to RockFax this is a HVS 5a, I couldn't even get off the start. While doing Pink'un I could see there is precious little gear or holds. This can't be HVS 5a, previous comments about the confusion in the CC guide book etc. seem to bear this out.
RocknRoll - TR dnf - 03/May/08 with Matthew Theobold

Lauren Davies - Lead O/S - May/08 with Heather, Rosie

Didn't like the lack of protection at the start so top roped. Having climbed it and looked at it I had started on the E1 5b, so kinda explains a lot. The actual start is a lot better but further left, you need to traverse out onto it but not quite as far as sea mist. Kicking my self for not leading it now I know where the start is.
eagleopus - TR O/S - 12/Aug/07 with Gareth

simoncov - 2nd - 06/May/07 with Rich Lade

shoulders - Lead O/S - 01/Apr/07 with dai

janegallwey - Lead - 2007

The Mountain Goat - Lead O/S - 14/Oct/06 with Amanda Furguson

Somerset swede basher - Lead O/S - 14/Oct/06

Belayed and seconded by Kelly.
masa-alpin - Lead O/S - 14/Oct/06

The CC guidebook is confusing. The climb directly up from the cave pillar must be the E1 'Breaking Wind'(poor gear low down where it matters, so wimped out), whereas 'Sunset Boulevard' must go up on the left hand side of the slab just to the right of 'Sea Mist'. Higher up it does not really matter as the slab soon gets easier.
Misha - Lead O/S - 07/Oct/06 with Mark

No holds and no protection. is this really HVS 5a! Traveresed left and up on flake, then traversed right back finsihed stright up. I therby 'missed' what was probably the crux.
twodada - Lead O/S - 09/Sep/06 with Richard Nicholls

chris wyatt - Lead O/S - 2006

Sam and will - Lead O/S - 15/Aug/05 with Anthony Bennett

al99 - Lead O/S - Aug/05 with Nick Record

Hidden - 2nd - Aug/05

Self-belay back up the ab-rope.
Pythonist - AltLd O/S - 2005

ASchwirtz - Lead O/S - 28/Aug/04

Hidden - Lead O/S - Aug/04

sara n - 24/Jul/04 with Cheryl Mackway-Jones

Hidden - Lead O/S - 10/Aug/02

Neil Henson - TR - 2002 with Mark Collins

Impressive lead from Dave. A fortnight in Font sure steels up the fingers!
220bpm - 2nd - Aug/01 with Dave

Hidden - Lead O/S - 21/Aug/98

cornishben - Lead O/S - 1997 with Andy Connor

Paul Boardman - Lead O/S - 1997 with Iain Boardman

Hidden - 1996

Colin Edwards - TR - 22/Aug/95

michael burrows - 2nd - 02/Jul/94 with john roberts

Hidden - 2nd - 01/Jun/94

Scott McRae - 2nd O/S - Apr/93 with Steve Jones

Andy Say - Lead - 15/Apr/92

Hidden - Lead O/S - 1990

ChrisJD - Lead - 10/May/87

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