Font 3 [] 52 in Peak District: Bouldering (vertebrate) [] 21 in Rockfax Fax09: Peak Bouldering [] 20 in Bouldering in the Peak District (OnTheEdge)

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First route of the year, onsight with no pads. Pretty psyched, top section felt E4 6a-ish.

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In the rain

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First boulder in the Peak

with Chris
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Warmed up on problems on the Brick. Beginning of circuits.

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Did this following doing some routes at Horseshoe Quarry - also done this one some years ago.

with Richard W
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warming up.

with Rob
bridget143 24/Jan/09 Sent O/S
with Tom Bell
alicia 24/Jan/09 -
with Bridget et al
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with andy plat
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Very nice problem.

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with Phil
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BeccaSnowden 12/Oct/08 Sent
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Reaver2k 08/Oct/08 Sent rpt

Easy warm up, quite nice and balancy but not too worrying!

with Becca, Lisa and Michael
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Successful 2nd attempt.

martin48 07/Oct/07 Solo O/S
with dave
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Jenn 07/Aug/05 Sent O/S
D Berry 23/Jul/05 Sent O/S
Hidden 24/Jun/05 Sent
jl 08/Apr/05 Sent
with No Partner
Sankey ?/Jan/05 -
Hidden ??/2005 Sent
Hidden ??/2005 -
Gambit 13/Nov/04 Sent O/S
with Alone
Hidden 16/May/04 Sent
chrisrogers ?/Oct/03 Sent O/S
Hidden 07/Aug/03 Sent β
LakesWinter ?/Aug/03 -
with Cake
skygodley 30/Mar/03 -
Richard Bradley ??/2003 Sent O/S
Jon Greengrass ??/2003 -
Hidden ??/2003 Sent
Hidden ??/2003 Sent
Hidden ??/2003 Sent O/S
chrishedgehog 09/Oct/02 Solo O/S
Mark A Humphries 01/Jul/02 Sent
Stuart S 11/Jun/02 Sent O/S
Hidden 11/Jun/02 Sent O/S
J0 11/Jun/02 Sent O/S
with Stuart
Hidden ?/Jun/02 -
Hidden ??/2002 Sent O/S
pr1984 ??/2002 -
DerwentDiluted ??/2001 Sent
Hidden ??/2001 Sent
Hidden 15/Oct/00 Sent
Hidden 12/Mar/00 Sent
Monk ??/2000 -
Hidden 02/Jul/99 Sent
Paul Boardman ??/1999 Sent O/S
Roget ??/1998 Sent
Hidden 27/Jul/97 Sent
Iain Thow 16/May/96 Sent
Hidden ?/Aug/94 Sent
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