The second line on the tiny slab, using the crease

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with Sophie Gibbens, Marc Duhig, Alex Pond, Bob Stone
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with Sophie Gibbens, Marc Duhig, Bob Stones, Iain Gray
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with Alex Renshaw
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2nd go, slipped off the first foothold.

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took 4 attempts but finally got it, nice way to finish the day.

Nick1812P 14/Sep/14 Solo rpt

felt hard.

with Pete
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with Thomas Renshaw
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Down as a 4+ in the book seemed quite tight, only just made the top as my foot greased off.

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Rained on.

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with James
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And with a run-up in trainers.

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with sarah.
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Took a few goes to get the sequence right, snowy on top and a little damp

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and another line that between left and right. hard conditions

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Excruciatingly painful doing this. Thank goodness I'm getting a replacement hip soon.

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with Darren Roper, Dave Parsons, Chris Bailey, Riaz Shaik, Hannah Westwood
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with Darren Roper, Dave Parsons, Chris Bailey, Riaz Shaik, Hannah Westwood
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with Stig
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goi.ashmore 03/Jun/86 Sent x

Ground up

goi.ashmore 03/Jun/86 Sent x

Ground Up

Anton Eady ??/1983 -
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