Baggy Point

Climbs 150 – Rocktype Culm – Altitude ? – Faces SW

Crag features
Popular climbing venue. Perfect to combine with a surf at Croyde, Putsborough or Woolacombe. Baggy is best known for its south facing promontories with lovely slab routes on culm - metamorphosed sandstone - with good friction.

Lots of friendly, well protected slab climbs mostly in S to E2 range with easy access. A mid-range climber's slab paradise.

Note that the ever-popular Kinky Boots (VS 4c) with its amazing fallover start can be done in full even at high tide.

However, Baggy has a darker side - check out the climbing on the Cheesegrater Cliff or Concrete Wall for a spice of adventure!

Approach notes
Tidal - most climbs accessible from mid-tide but not at high tide. Exceptions are Kinkyboots and the adjacent routes on Promontory Slab.

Bird ban, 15th March to 30th June, Check guide for full details. Some of Scrattling Zawn, Cheesegreater Cliff and Concrete Wall are affected. Despite some of the white stakes showing restricted cliffs, Long Rock has been de-restricted since discussions in 2013.

BMC access database:

Best approach is by foot, 20 minutes along track from NT car park in Croyde Bay.

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

South West Climbs Volume 2 (2014), West Country Climbs (2010), North Devon and Cornwall (2000)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
1Dark ReliefS 4a * 
3Last of the Big NutsE1 4c 1
4Chouinard's Back YardVS 4c 1
5The Dark SideVS 4c 1
7Chouinard's Yard 2VS 4c 53
8Chouinard's Yard lHVS 5a *71
9The Go BetweenHVS 5a 10
10Scrattling CrackVD **275
11SmileS 4a 79
12MoonshotD *152
13EggE1 5b  
14The BlacksmithHVS 5a 1
15SatisfactionE1 5a  
16White NoiseVS  
17Reborn ManE3 5b * 
18ResurrectionHVS 4c 2
19Cornflake CrackHVS 5a  
20Emmental AreteE4 5c  
22The NightfishingE7 6b  
23The Dark DialoguesE7 6b/c ** 
24Dark AngelE5 6a ***1
25RindstoneE1 5a  
26Death on a StickE5 6a  
27Hawaiian PipelineE1 5a ***1
28HeadcleanerE6 6a/b ** 
29The White ThresholdE7 6c *** 
31Bird's Nest CrackXS 5a 1
32Two Birds, One StoneE3 5c  
33FafnirE2 5b  
34Concrete KarmaE3 5b 1
35The Concrete RoseHVS 4c 4
36Potato CrackE4 5c  
37New Boots and PantiesXS 5b 1
38The AreteVD 1
39SubsultusVS 4c  
40Slipstream llE1 5b * 
41Fowl Play FowlerVS 4b  
43Far WestS 1
44Come Back CanuteVS 4c 2
45Don't Bring HarryVS 4c  
46DriftE1 5b  
47Culm-de-sacVS 4c 6
48StingVS 4c 40
49Dream LoverHVS 5b *22
50PickpocketHVS 5b **140
51Coast of TriumphsHVS 5a 2
52Ye Old ScroteE3 5c *5
53Doors of PerceptionE1 5b **119
54Speed and DistanceE3 5c **9
55TwinkletoesVS 4c **206
56InfernoE5 6a **7
57EmbersE5 6b ** 
58No SweatE1 5c *32
59UndercrackerE1 5a **110
60Ghecko BlasterE4 5c *3
61Slip it in QuickE3 5c **22
62TerrapinE3 5b **42
63Slipstream lE5 6a **1
64Last TestamentE6 6b ** 
65Soft TouchE4 6a **38
66Touch and GoE5 6a 1
67Joys of Self EmploymentE1 5b 2
68Lost HorizonVS 5a ***660
69UrizenVS 4c *284
70Keep LeftVS 4c 4
71Shangri-LaS 4a ***650
72Wee BeastieVS 4c 11
73Blowin FreeHVS 5a 1
74The Great Gig in the SkyVS 4c 2
75The Great BeastE1 5b *16
76Fools Rush InE1 5b **6
77Fallen AngelE3 5c * 
78FloodlandE1 5b  
79The Oldest Swingers in TownE3 6a  
81MultiplatorXS 1
82Mini Moose's Turnip PoemXS 1
84AstrodyneXS 5b 1
85Set the ControlsE5 6a/b * 
86Heart of the SunE2 5c ***78
87Astronomy DomineE2 5a  
88Pink VoidVS 4c *57
89BikeHVS 4c  
90Bike DirectHVS 4c  
92MarginHVS 4c  
93FeintHVS 5b *1
94RuledHVS 5a/b  
95The Last LapE2 5b  
96ClipperE1 5b  
97The PromenadeD 1
98ContrabandHVS 4c *2
99The ScytheVS 4c 1
100The PoxHVS 4c 1
101Spare RibD 1
103Bird BanE4 5c  
104CandymanHVS 5a 2
105Through the Looking GlassE3 5c  
106Double OverhangS 31
107Over the LimitE3 5c  
108Affluence of IncaholE2 5c 10
109Nudy RudyVD 20
110FreddieHS 4b *366
111BenS 4a ***724
112Sleepy ToesVS 4c 109
113MarionHS 4a **619
114In Marion's EyesVS 5a 100
115In Her EyesS 4a *450
116In Her Eyes (direct start)VS 4c 60
117Tomb of KhazadhumS 22
118lacking sunlightVD 4a 7
119Under the BridgeVS 4b 11
120The Bridge of Khazad-DumVD 100
121The Ridge of Khazad-DumM 48
122Sheet WhiteningVS 5a *33
123Blind FaithVS 4c 26
124Angel DelightHS 4b 4
125Unkle TimHVS 4c 2
126KinkybootsVS 4c *524
127keep going rightE4 6a *1
128Cirrus MinorVS 4c 18
129Midnight CowboyHVS 5b ***344
130Long Rock EliminateHVS 5a *95
131Right-hand EliminateHVS 5a *27
132Legs ElevenE2 5c  
133SexilegsHVS 5b **91
134Hot, Sweet And StickyE2 5c 10
135GladiatorE1 5b *26
136The Narrow WayE1 5b 11
137The Straight and NarrowE1 5b 13
138Straight upE2 5b 2
139Slip Sliding AwayE2 5c *8
140Arterial BypassE3 6a  
141Grand Vizier's Garden PartyHVS 5a 7
142PermafrostHVS 5a *5
143RenataHVS 5a  
144SvenjaVS 4b  
145G StringVS 1
146Peeping TomE1 5c **29
147GoatsS 4a 7
148Snory ToriVS 4c 2
149Yellow SubmarineVS 4b 4
150ShorteraHS 4b 1
151Titmould IncorporatedHVS 5a  
152S CustardVS 4c 5
153SirenVS 4c 3
154Ruby SlippersVS 4b 4
155FMB'sHS 4b *4
156Poofy Orange FeetVS 4c **2
157Middle WicketE1 5b  
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Promontory has always been unrestricted and now Long Rock too after some negotiations in 2013, but all other areas are restricted. Signs are up, white stakes too even one close to the descent rope for Long Rock, and these are quite strict with timings: 15th March - 30th June.
Joolz - 26/May/15
The BMC RAD site says they have negotiated with the NT ref bird nesting restriction access and the Long Rock is now permanently open for climbing all year round.
jon59 - 23/May/15
i went there yesterday and it was extremlly frightening and we werent even rock climbing! You lot are braver than me!
Annie Mcknee - 29/Sep/06
Dont come here if you dont like slab climbing
The Pylon King - 17/Sep/06
baggy point is an excellent place to climb for the novice to extremeist! excellent views and some very nice climbs. you could even bring your bird along!!
billy boy - 07/Dec/05
Baggy is one of the most breath-taking and beautiful crags in the country. I grew up climbing on these rocks and consider its wonderful routes amongst the best. Please respect this place - use the footpaths and take your litter with you. Thanx
zakalwe - 12/Aug/05
Baggy point is a very good climb site, I lived in devon for about 14 yrs, and i climbed there almost every weekend. Very good for begginers and experts.
Gaza - 25/May/03