Climbs 183 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude ? – Faces SW

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Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering Vol 2 (2011), Northern England (2008), Yorkshire Gritstone (1999),
Out of print: Yorkshire Gritstone (1990)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2Old SoldiersHVS 5b *
3Memorial Wallf4+ 5a
5Moorland Apparationf5+ 5c
6Ghost Roadf6B 6b
7Poetry In Motionf6A **
8Wordsworth Fail MeE3 6a *
9The White DoeE2 5c **
10The Verge of TranquilityE5 6b
11Emily NortonE1 5b *
12Rhyming Slangf5+ 6a
13Slopey Wallf6A+
14The Final FlingS 4b
15Autumn OdysseyE1 5b
16The Tower of High SorceryHVS 5b *
17Living on a Tarot ReadingE4 6a
18Labour PainsVS 4c
19Impending ArrivalVS 4c
20The Definitive Gritstone ChimneyVS
21The Cocoa Team SpecialE5 7a
22The Rooff6A
23Slab 'N' Crackf4+
24Lock Upf6A+ *
25The Crackf6A
26Bondi BitchHVS 5b
27Surfer's ParadiseE2 6b
28Wide Crackf3+ 4b
29Right Aretef4
30The Beach Boysf4
31Surfer's Slabf5 5c *
32Crest of the Wavef4+ 5b *
33Doglegf3 4a
34Rusty Wallf4
35Rusty Ribf4+ 5a
36Distant GemHVS 5b
37The Best Manf3 3c
38Crystal Twin Lefthandf3+ 4b *
39The Crystal TwinVS 5b **
40The Bridegroomf4 *
41The Vicarf3 4a
42Little PillarHS 4b
43Shorter Stillf3
44For My Next TrickHVS 5b
45The NicheHVS 5b
46The Niche (1930s version?)f4+ 5a *
47Little PeachE3 5c
48And a Little CreamE2 5c *
49Bird's Nest CrackHVD *
50V CrackHS
51March of the millipedesS 4a
52Solo GamesE1 5b
53Poke and HopeE4 6a
54Slip Slidin' AwayE3 6a
55Condition Bluef6C
56Rustyf5 *
57Pancake SlabS 3c *
58Little HorrorVS 5a
59Starlight ExpressVS 5a
60Rainbow SunsetHS 4b
62Three Step ButtressHS 4c
63Bare Faced StreakE4 6a
64Forgotten FriendsM
65A Place To BeE7 6b **
66Heart Beat CityE8 6c
67Face SavourHVS 5b
68VeteranE3 5c **
70Up And OverVD
71LoinerVS 4c
72Digital DilemmaHVS 5a
73Never Climb with Guidebook WritersE1 5b *
74Keep LeftHS 4b
75Bowler's ChimneyD
76Orbital HighwayE1 5c
77Wall of the Evening PlightE1 5c **
78Rylstone CrackMVS *
79KaraltaE3 6a *
80Rylstone WallVS 4c **
81FreebooterHVS 5a
82Terror at Five and a Half FeetE5 6b
83Rylstone Wall DirectHVS 5a **
84Beached WhaleE2 5b
85Off BalanceS
86The Last Days of MayE1 5c
87Balance CrackVD *
88I Have A Cunning PlanHS 4b
90Secretary's SlabVS 4b
92Oi'l Be HangedE2 6b
94G.T.X.HVS 5a **
95CastrolVS 5a **
96After EightE4 6a
97The Marine Who Had No FriendsE4 6b
98February ClimbS 4a *
100Flake ChimneyVD
101Moorland MemoriesMVS 4b
102RememberedVD *
104Matterhorn RidgeS
105Laughing GasHVS 4c **
106Dental slabS ***
107ExtractionHVS 5b **
108False TeethVS 4c *
109V ChimneyVD
110PersistenceVS 4c *
111Chockstone ChimneyVD
112How Fast DadE1 5b
113Trowel FaceHS 4b
114Chimney Slabs Route TwoS 4a
115Lichen CrackVD
116Chimney Slabs Route OneS 4b
117The Glass SlipperE2 5b
118Lichen ChimneyM
119Crazy DiamondE2 5b **
120Little GemE2 5c
121Cave FaceVD
122The Primaryf4+
123The White HouseE1 5c
124Dead KennedysVS 5a *
125Presidents PrologueE1 5b
126The Hot lineE1 5b **
127President's SlabHD ***
128Misty MooS 4a *
129Hanging CracksVS 5a **
130Frankie Comes To RylstoneE1 5b *
131Falcon CrackVD
132Senator's SaunterVD 3c **
133SundownerHVS 5a ***
134Twin CracksS
135PickpocketHVS 5a
136Tasslehoff BurrfootE2 5c *
137The Artful DodgerE2 5b
138Monkey CornerVD
139Bad BoysVS 4c
140Angry WomanVS 5b
141Nobular StructureV2 5c *
143Two Moonsf4+
144Vanity Leftf6B+
145Vanity Rightf6B+
146Vain Wallf5+
147Old PalsS
148Lower SlabHD
149Yet Another Hillside AttractionHS 4b
150Sandy ButtressVD
151The GruntHVS 5b
152Impending GloomHVS 5c
153Sandy GullyD
154Artist's ImpressionHVS 5b
155The Full MontyVS 5a
156WhiskersE2 6a
157Puss-PussHVS 5b
158CatwalkVS 4c
159Monument CrackE1 5b ***
160Sword DanceE1 5b
161Pocket BattleshipE3 6a
162The Eyes Have ItVS
163Arm JamHS 4b *
164Double CrackS
165Anonymous CrossS
166Beginner's ChimneyM
167Midget GemE3 6b
168Half NelsonS *
169Full NelsonE1 5c
170CrossoverVS 4c
171Lower TraverseVD
172Kiss Me HardyE2 5b
173HighlordMVS 4b *
174England ExpectsV1
175England Expects (direct start)E1 6a *
176TerminusHVS 5b
177End of the LineE2 6a
178GrouselandHS 4b
180One Eyed WallVB 4c
181No Man's LandVS 5a
182Sunhill SlabD
183UndercarriageHVS 5c
184High Flying AdoredE1 5b *
185Beginner's BulgeVD
186Full FrontalHVS 5b
187High Bark CrackHS 4b
189Rib of GoldHS 4a
190Yellow Badge of FaithHVS 5a *
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Lovely crag for a sunny summers day - particularly Dental Slab in a warm breeze.
andy gittins - 10/Jun/13
A beautiful setting and a good choice if you want to escape the crowds. A longish walk in and routes are generally short. However, has some classic routes including arguably the best value Diff on Gritstone (see guide).
Action Maņana - 31/May/05
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