Climbs 181 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude ? – Faces SW

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Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering Vol 2 (2011), Northern England (2008), Yorkshire Gritstone (1999),
Out of print: Yorkshire Gritstone (1990)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
1Memorial WallV0+ 5a
2Moorland ApparationHVS 5c
3Ghost RoadE3 6b
4Poetry In MotionE2 6a **
5Wordsworth Fail MeE3 6a *
6The White DoeE2 5c **
7The Verge of TranquilityE5 6b
8Emily NortonE1 5b *
9The Final FlingS 4b
10Autumn OdysseyE1 5b
11The Tower of High SorceryHVS 5b *
12Living on a Tarot ReadingE4 6a
13Labour PainsVS 4c
14Impending ArrivalVS 4c
15The Definitive Gritstone ChimneyVS
16The Cocoa Team SpecialE5 7a
17Distant GemHVS 5b
18Bondi BitchHVS 5b
19Surfer's ParadiseE2 6b
20Little PillarHS 4b
21For My Next TrickHVS 5b
22The NicheHVS 5b
23The Niche (1930s version?)none 5a
24Little PeachE3 5c
25Bird's Nest CrackHVD *
26V CrackHS
27Solo GamesE1 5b
28Blue Conditionf6C
29Poke and HopeE4 6a
30Slip Slidin' AwayE3 6a
31Pancake SlabS 3c *
32Little HorrorVS 5a
33Starlight ExpressVS 5a
34Rainbow SunsetHS 4b
35Three Step ButtressHS 4c
36Bare Faced StreakE4 6a
37Forgotten FriendsM
38A Place To BeE7 6b **
39Heart Beat CityE8 6c
40Face SavourHVS 5b
41VeteranE3 5c **
42Up And OverVD
43LoinerVS 4c
44Digital DilemmaHVS 5a
45Never Climb with Guidebook WritersE1 5b *
46Keep LeftHS 4b
47Bowler's ChimneyD
48Orbital HighwayE1 5c
49Wall of the Evening PlightE1 5c **
50Rylstone CrackMVS *
51KaraltaE3 6a *
52Rylstone WallVS 4c **
53FreebooterHVS 5a
54Terror at Five and a Half FeetE5 6b
55Rylstone Wall DirectHVS 5a **
56Beached WhaleE2 5b
57Off BalanceS
58The Last Days of MayE1 5c
59Balance CrackVD *
60I Have A Cunning PlanHS 4b
62Secretary's SlabVS 4b
63Oi'l Be HangedE2 6b
65G.T.X.HVS 5a **
66CastrolVS 5a **
67After EightE4 6a
68The Marine Who Had No FriendsE4 6b
69February ClimbS 4a *
70Flake ChimneyVD
71Moorland MemoriesMVS 4b
72RememberedVD *
74Matterhorn RidgeS
75Laughing GasHVS 4c **
76Dental slabS ***
77ExtractionHVS 5b **
78False TeethVS 4c *
79V ChimneyVD
80PersistenceVS 4c *
81Chockstone ChimneyVD
82How Fast DadE1 5b
83Trowel FaceHS 4b
84Chimney Slabs Route TwoS 4a
85Lichen CrackVD
86Chimney Slabs Route OneS 4b
87The Glass SlipperE2 5b
88Lichen ChimneyM
89Crazy DiamondE2 5b **
90Little GemE2 5c
91Cave FaceVD
92Dead KennedysVS 5a *
93Presidents PrologueE1 5b
94The Hot lineE1 5b **
95President's SlabHD ***
96Misty MooS 4a *
97Hanging CracksVS 5a **
98Frankie Comes To RylstoneE1 5b *
99Falcon CrackVD
100Senator's SaunterVD 3c **
101SundownerHVS 5a ***
102Twin CracksS
103PickpocketHVS 5a
104Tasslehoff BurrfootE2 5c *
105The Artful DodgerE2 5b
106Monkey CornerVD
107Bad BoysVS 4c
108Angry WomanVS 5b
109Nobular StructureV2 5c *
110Old PalsS
111Lower SlabHD
112Yet Another Hillside AttractionHS 4b
113Sandy ButtressVD
114The GruntHVS 5b
115Impending GloomHVS 5c
116Sandy GullyD
117Artist's ImpressionHVS 5b
118The Full MontyVS 5a
119WhiskersE2 6a
120Puss-PussHVS 5b
121CatwalkVS 4c
122Monument CrackE1 5b ***
123Sword DanceE1 5b
124Pocket BattleshipE3 6a
125The Eyes Have ItVS
126Arm JamHS 4b *
127Double CrackS
128Anonymous CrossS
129Beginner's ChimneyM
130Midget GemE3 6b
131Lower TraverseVD
132CrossoverVS 4c
133Kiss Me HardyE2 5b
134HighlordMVS 4b *
135England ExpectsV1
136England Expects (direct start)E1 6a *
137TerminusHVS 5b
138End of the LineE2 6a
139GrouselandHS 4b
140Half NelsonS *
141One Eyed WallVB 4c
142Full NelsonE1 5c
143No Man's LandVS 5a
144Sunhill SlabD
145UndercarriageHVS 5c
146High Flying AdoredE1 5b *
147Beginner's BulgeVD
148Full FrontalHVS 5b
149High Bark CrackHS 4b
151Rib of GoldHS 4a
152Yellow Badge of FaithHVS 5a *
153Old SoldiersHVS 5b *
154Rhyming Slangf5+ 6a
155The Crystal TwinVS 5c
156Two Moons *f4+
157Main Vain Climb 3 *f5+
158Main Vain Climb 2 *f6B+
159Main Vain Climb 1 *f6B+
160And a Little Cream *E2 5c *
161March of the millipedes *S 4a
162Crystal Twin Lefthand *f3+ 4b *
163The Bridegroom *f4 *
164The Vicar *f3 4a
165The Best Man *f3 3c
166Rusty Wall *f4
167Rusty Rib *f4+ 5a
168Wide Crack *f3+ 4b
169Right Arete *f4
170The Beach Boys *f4
171Surfer's Slab *f5 5c *
172Crest of the Wave *f4+ 5b *
173Dogleg *f3 4a
174Shorter Still *f3
175Ghostbuster *V1 5b
176Lock Up *V3 5c *
177Pinnacle problem 6 *V2 5b
178the West Face probelm 10 *V3 5c
179Bondi Beach Route 5 *V2 5a
180Slab 'N' Crack *f4+
181The Roof *f6A
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Lovely crag for a sunny summers day - particularly Dental Slab in a warm breeze.
andy gittins - 10/Jun/13
A beautiful setting and a good choice if you want to escape the crowds. A longish walk in and routes are generally short. However, has some classic routes including arguably the best value Diff on Gritstone (see guide).
Action Maņana - 31/May/05
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