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'Froggatt to Black Rocks (BMC) - The Grade List' ticklist

contributed by Graeme Hammond Apr/12
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The Grade list from 2010 guide from the BMC. Note: A few routes are missing which are not in the logbooks yet: The Grey Area(Curbar), (updated 2014)

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AddClimb nameGradeTicks?HeightCrag name
The GrooveE10 7b -?Cratcliffe Tor
Doctor DolittleE10 7a **-15mCurbar Edge
Harder FasterE9 7a *-18mBlack Rocks
Knockin' on Heaven's DoorE9 6c ***618mCurbar Edge
MeshugaE9 6c ***524mBlack Rocks
Born SlippyE8 6c **-18mCurbar Edge
The Power of the Dark SideE8 6b ***17?Upper Matlock...
Soul DoubtE8 6c **412mFroggatt Edge
SuperblocE8 6c -?Moorside Rocks
The Angel's ShareE8 7a **58mBlack Rocks
The End of the AffairE8 6c ***3214mCurbar Edge
GaiaE8 6c ***2320mBlack Rocks
Slab and CrackE7 6c ***315mCurbar Edge
Renegade MasterE8 6c **57mFroggatt Edge
The Devil Is In The DetailsE7 7a **214mBlack Rocks
Screaming DreamE7 7a **-6mFroggatt Edge
Feeding the PonyE8 6c *110mBlack Rocks
Beau GesteE7 6c ***-14mFroggatt Edge
Toy BoyE7 7a *115mFroggatt Edge
Gecko BlasterE7 6c **2?Shining Cliff
Cool MoonE7 6c ***1412mCurbar Edge
DharmaE7 6c ***327mDuke's Quarry
Lip of FoolsE7 6c **1?Eastwood Rocks
Speak the Truth (Post Tree Clearance)E7 6b ***48mHall Moor Quarry
Fat SlapperE7 6c ***2?Eastwood Rocks
BudE7 6c *110mFroggatt Edge
The Grand PotatoE7 6c **99mBaslow Edge
Circus / Hard CheddarE7 6b *615mFroggatt Edge
Kaluza KleinE6 6b **22?Robin Hood's Stride
JanusE6 6b ***318mCurbar Edge
One Step BeyondE6 6b ***620mCurbar Edge
Spanish FlyE6 6c **415mGardoms Edge
White LinesE6 6c ***513mCurbar Edge
Hot Dog SnifferE6 6a **413mBlack Rocks
Dana AwenE6 6c ***-8mEagle Tor
Epiphany Left-handE6 6b **312mFroggatt Edge
The Clockwork MonkeyE6 6c ***-8mAlport Stone
Neon DustE6 7a *4?Froggatt Edge
Benign LivesE7 6c **158mFroggatt Edge
White WaterE6 6c *77mCurbar Edge
MensaE6 6b **214mCurbar Edge
The FallE6 6b **416mCurbar Edge
CommittedE6 6b **128mCurbar Edge
SlackersE6 6b **179mCurbar Edge
The Beast of BaustonE6 6b **3?Bauston Tor
The Mint 400E6 6b *89mFroggatt Edge
Jugged HareE6 6a *914mFroggatt Edge
Sentinel GrooveE6 6c **-7mChatsworth Edge
Velvet SilenceE6 6c **158mBlack Rocks
NarcissusE6 6b ***2618mFroggatt Edge
LindenE6 6b ***2723mCurbar Edge
That's Cool By MeE6 6b **2?Shining Cliff
The Shape of Things to ComeE6 6b **216mCurbar Edge
Mickey FinnE6 6b ***515mGardoms Edge
Jumping on a BeetleE7 6c *108mBlack Rocks
Crack and SlabE6 6c *112mCurbar Edge
Make it SnappyE6 6b ***1713mGardoms Edge
Irritable Owl SyndromeE6 6c **1?Eastwood Rocks
Camel HotE6 6b ***422mBlack Rocks
Hairy HeartE6 6a *1115mFroggatt Edge
Science FrictionE6 6a *3312mFroggatt Edge
Mean StreakE6 6b **612mFroggatt Edge
GenocideE6 6c **68mCratcliffe Tor
Rigid DigitE5 6b **318mCurbar Edge
PoppersE5 6c **29mBaslow Edge
Upping the AnteE5 6b **4?Robin Hood Quarries
PseudonymE5 6b **816mBlack Rocks
MoonshineE5 6b ***1113mCurbar Edge
Ulysses or BustE5 6b ***218mCurbar Edge
Creme de la CremeE6 6b ***1018mYarncliffe Quarry
DiscombobulatorE5 6c **220mBlack Rocks
Don't Slip NowE5 6a *1912mCurbar Edge
Bad News for Slab ClimbersE5 6a ***1?Bauston Tor
Hairless HeartE5 5c ***8815mFroggatt Edge
Esoteric GenericE5 6b **28mLeashaw Brow
Curving AreteE5 6b ***1412mBlack Rocks
Visually Stunning UnderpantsE5 6b 1?Shining Cliff
Heartless HareE5 5c **15112mFroggatt Edge
UntowardE5 6b *218mBlack Rocks
Free WayE5 6b **211mCurbar Edge
Monster MonsterE4 6b **3?Eastwood Rocks
Perfect DayE5 6b ***1822mGardoms Edge
Spock's Missing / Business LunchE5 6c *88mFroggatt Edge
ArtlessE5 6b **8115mFroggatt Edge
WhisperE5 6a **216mThe Secret Garden
Moon CrackE5 6b ***3814mCurbar Edge
Fun TraverseE4 6b *720mBlack Rocks
Right Between the EyesE5 6b **212mTurning Stone Edge
The Long Distance RunnelE5 6c **216mCratcliffe Tor
Beyond the Forbidden ForestE5 6b **3?Eastwood Rocks
StrapadictomyE5 6b ***1619mFroggatt Edge
Reticent Mass MurdererE4 6b **88mCratcliffe Tor
Lazy DayE5 6a **1720mShining Cliff
Forbidden PlanetE4 6b **812mCurbar Edge
Profit of DoomE4 6b ***4116mCurbar Edge
Downhill RacerE4 6a ***18416mFroggatt Edge
HurricaneE4 6a **1121mCurbar Edge
Nettle WineE4 6b **1312mCratcliffe Tor
StopperE4 6a 147mCurbar Edge
Seismic InfluenceE4 6c **1?Eastwood Rocks
PeachesE4 6b ***1714mBirchen Edge
UsurperE4 6a ***5712mCurbar Edge
Twisted ReachE4 6b **210mChatsworth Edge
Dark EntriesE4 6a **810mCurbar Edge
Bristol DreamingE4 6c *4?Eastwood Rocks
Calling the GritE4 6b *1?Turning Stone Edge
Indoor FishermanE4 6a ***5410mFroggatt Edge
Both Sides NowE3 6a **3?Cocking Tor
Oedipus Ring Your MotherE4 6b **1138mFroggatt Edge
National PowerE4 6a **415mTurning Stone Edge
Moon WalkE4 6a ***14012mCurbar Edge
Diet of WormsE4 5c **259mCurbar Edge
Demon RibE3 5c **3818mBlack Rocks
StormbringerE3 5c **3820mGardoms Edge
Deadbay Groove DirectE3 6a **311mCurbar Edge
Emerald CrackE3 6a ***4814mChatsworth Edge
RequiemE3 6a ***4826m• 2Cratcliffe Tor
Rat ScabiesE3 6b *2810mCurbar Edge
The Beer HunterE3 6a **11?Curbar Edge
LandsicknessE3 6a **2910mGardoms Edge
Tour De NudsvilleE3 6a ***38mLeashaw Brow
Right EliminateE3 5c ***7417mCurbar Edge
RaincryE3 6a **-?Eastwood Rocks
Sleeping SicknessE3 5c **1710mGardoms Edge
Rainy Day BluesE3 5c **1617mTurning Stone Edge
Cave WallE3 5c ***5812mFroggatt Edge
JellyacheE3 5c **10?Cocking Tor
The CrocodileE3 5c ***7112mGardoms Edge
Finger DistanceE3 6b **1539mCurbar Edge
Great SlabE3 5b ***31618mFroggatt Edge
VainE3 5b **1013mCurbar Edge
Marathon ManE3 6a **26?Shining Cliff
Waterloo SunsetE3 5c **5918mGardoms Edge
ArmaggedonE3 5c *8812mFroggatt Edge
NutcrackerE2 5c **520mCratcliffe Tor
Hot YimminyE3 5c **3?Eastwood Rocks
The ClaspE3 5b *411mChatsworth Edge
Parallel PipedE3 5c *1346mFroggatt Edge
Straight and NarrowE2 5c 2614mFroggatt Edge
Long John's SlabE3 5c **52714mFroggatt Edge
Boot HillE3 5c ***13118mCratcliffe Tor
Sentinel CrackE2 5c ***3417mChatsworth Edge
Stiff CheeseE2 5c *5912mFroggatt Edge
Golden DaysE3 6a *508mBlack Rocks
ApolloE2 5c ***5819mCurbar Edge
Midshipman / Plain SailingE2 6a ***7012mBirchen Edge
Amber NectarE2 5c **325mRavensnest Tor
Cave CrackE2 5c ***9112mFroggatt Edge
The Gully JokeE3 5c *6115mFroggatt Edge
SaddyE2 5c **6610mCurbar Edge
ScroachE2 5c **6021mCurbar Edge
Hot ZiggertyE2 6a 20?Baslow Edge
Finale Wall Direct (Finale Slab Right-hand)E2 5b **1316mBlack Rocks
Vaya Con DiosE2 5c **2120mGardoms Edge
Tom ThumbE2 5c **7518mCratcliffe Tor
FirebirdE2 5c **2116mBlack Rocks
PredatorE2 5c *10513mCurbar Edge
Fern HillE2 5c ***32412mCratcliffe Tor
Vibrio DirectE2 6a **3912mChatsworth Edge
Five Finger ExerciseE2 5c ***31422mCratcliffe Tor
Mad HatterE2 5c **3812mCurbar Edge
FidgetE2 6b *327mCurbar Edge
Cyclop's EyeE2 5c *40?Cocking Tor
Elder CrackE2 5b ***28618mCurbar Edge
Unidentified Flying ObjectE2 5c *19?Shining Cliff
InsanityE2 5c ***1819mCurbar Edge
PearlsE2 5c **11413mChatsworth Edge
Sons and LoversE2 5c **10?Eastwood Rocks
LichenE2 5b **1735m• 3Chatsworth Edge
BeanstalkE2 5c **11318mCratcliffe Tor
BrightsideE2 5c *27212mFroggatt Edge
The RavenE2 5c **627mRavensnest Tor
SynopsisE2 5c **25914mFroggatt Edge
The Unreachable StarE2 6a **698mCurbar Edge
Katherine's DilemmaE2 5c **520mRavensnest Tor
Promontory TraverseE1 5b ***4732m• 2Black Rocks
MordauntE2 5b ***2460m• 4Cratcliffe Tor
The SprainE2 5b *418mBlack Rocks
The Big CrackE2 5b ***34715mFroggatt Edge
Neb TraverseE2 5b **14?Eastwood Rocks
Brown's EliminateE2 5b ***91116mFroggatt Edge
The ToyE1 5c **3837mCurbar Edge
SoyuzE2 5c **16010mCurbar Edge
Left EliminateE1 5c **11611mCurbar Edge
Rhythmic ItchE1 5b **5525mGardoms Edge
Smoke ont' WatterE1 6a **1509mCurbar Edge
HerculesE1 5a **5111mCurbar Edge
Deadbay CrackE1 5b **3811mCurbar Edge
StrapiomboE1 5b **2459mFroggatt Edge
Left-Hand Pillar CrackE1 5b **4710mGardoms Edge
The GhoulE1 5c **38?Eastwood Rocks
L'HorlaE1 5b ***54510mCurbar Edge
DespotE1 5c **4913mChatsworth Edge
Cioch VariationsE1 5c *511mCurbar Edge
StrapiombanteE1 5b **10008mFroggatt Edge
MotorcadeE1 5a *65418mFroggatt Edge
KayakE1 5b **6319mCurbar Edge
The Bear HunterE1 5b **9511mCurbar Edge
Moyer's ButtressE1 5b ***43921mGardoms Edge
Private TargetsE1 5b **1222mHall Moor Quarry
Black Nix WallE1 5c *1128mCurbar Edge
LamebrainE1 5b **849mCurbar Edge
The Eye of FaithE1 5c ***23325mGardoms Edge
Nylon StockingE1 5b **12?Bauston Tor
BlenheimE1 5a **2513mGardoms Edge
Hearse ArÍteE1 5b **9520mGardoms Edge
Hugo De VriesE1 5b **8912mTurning Stone Edge
A Farewell to ArmsE1 5b *3420mShining Cliff
Three Pebble SlabE1 5a ***272112mFroggatt Edge
Chequers CrackHVS 5c ***60414mFroggatt Edge
Orpheus WallHVS 5c **39014mBirchen Edge
Bramble CrackHVS 5b **61?Shining Cliff
NowandaHVS 5a **16012mGardoms Edge
The PeapodHVS 5b ***75416mCurbar Edge
Corpse CrackHVS 5b ***51?Eastwood Rocks
Lightning WallHVS 5a **3515mGardoms Edge
Green CrackHVS 5b ***23211mCurbar Edge
Suicide WallHVS 5a ***64230m• 2Cratcliffe Tor
Overton ArÍteHVS 5b **9812mTurning Stone Edge
RenaissanceHVS 5b **297?Baslow Edge
ValkyrieHVS 5a ***121320m• 2Froggatt Edge
Tree WallHVS 5a **10011mCurbar Edge
MaupassantHVS 5a ***57811mCurbar Edge
Amber NestaHVS 5a **10?Ravensnest Tor
Amber ButtressHVS 5a **6914mTurning Stone Edge
C.M.C. SlabHVS 5a 50216mFroggatt Edge
RatlineHVS 5b ***40514mBirchen Edge
ZappleHVS 5b ***26920mYarncliffe Quarry
Green AcresHVS 5b *2058mCurbar Edge
Avalanche WallHVS 5a ***84012mCurbar Edge
Chequers ButtressHVS 5a ***201514mFroggatt Edge
Giant's StaircaseHVS 5a *11618mCratcliffe Tor
The LineHVS 5a **989mCurbar Edge
Sorrell's SorrowHVS 5a **19112mCurbar Edge
BenkHVS 5a **13?Leashaw Brow
The Rib DirectHVS 5a **438mBaslow Edge
Sunset SlabHVS 4b ***230114mFroggatt Edge
Great CrackHVS 5a ***72?Duke's Quarry
Pedestal CrackHVS 5a **81114mFroggatt Edge
Tody's WallHVS 5a ***283918mFroggatt Edge
Two Pitch RouteVS 5a **9224m• 2Curbar Edge
Broken CrackHVS 5a **64910mFroggatt Edge
Birthday CrackVS 4c **417mCurbar Edge
Lean Man's SuperdirectVS 5a ***3620m• 2Black Rocks
Amber ArÍteVS 4c **11113mTurning Stone Edge
Lone Tree GrooveVS 5a **38918mBlack Rocks
The SickleVS 5a *42?Upper Matlock...
Downes' CrackVS 5a **5311mFroggatt Edge
Calver WallVS 5a **2788mCurbar Edge
Wall ClimbVS 5a **3649mCurbar Edge
Birch Tree Wall VariationsHVS 5a **17818mBlack Rocks
The BrainVS 4c **32220mCurbar Edge
Mast Gully ButtressVS 5a **16212mBirchen Edge
Cioch CrackVS 4c **11711mCurbar Edge
Gardom's UnconquerableVS 4c **15814mGardoms Edge
Black CrackVS 4c *2510mBlack Rocks
Pensioner's BulgeVS 5a **1276mBaslow Edge
Sand ButtressVS 4c ***23622mBlack Rocks
Birch Tree WallVS 5a ***38420m• 2Black Rocks
Chequers ClimbVS 4c **11120mFroggatt Edge
Hawk's Nest CrackVS 4c ***95512mFroggatt Edge
Undertaker's ButtressVS 4c **14022mGardoms Edge
Plumbers CornerVS 4c *61?Shining Cliff
Men OnlyV0- 4b 78?Baslow Edge
The Shoulder RouteVS 4c **31?Alport Stone
Boulder ArÍteV0 5a ***49?Upper Matlock...
Lean Man's ClimbVS 4c ***18622mBlack Rocks
Queen's Parlour SlabVS 4b **9016mBlack Rocks
The Crow's NestVS 4c **75514mBirchen Edge
Fall PipeVS 4c **4216mYarncliffe Quarry
Elliott's Buttress DirectVS 4b **35225mGardoms Edge
OreadVS 4b **12716mGardoms Edge
Trapeze DirectVS 4c **182412mFroggatt Edge
Apple ArÍteVS 4b ***94418mGardoms Edge
Bel AmiVS 4b **65120mCurbar Edge
TopsailVS 4c ***197712mBirchen Edge
hazy GrooveHS 4a **12?Chasecliffe
Stonnis CrackHS 4b **30210mBlack Rocks
Janker's CrackHS 4b *46310mFroggatt Edge
Camperdown CrawlHS 4c ***147514mBirchen Edge
Porthole DirectVS 4c **89912mBirchen Edge
Beech ButtressHS 4b 9511mCurbar Edge
Ghost TraInHS 4b **1120mEastwood Rocks
CrossoverS 4a 510mBradley Quarry
Terrace CrackVS 4b **128912mFroggatt Edge
Owl's ArÍteHS 4c *40815mCurbar Edge
Slab Recess DirectHS 4c *162114mFroggatt Edge
Diamond CrackHS 4b **12568mFroggatt Edge
Nelson's NemesisVS 4b ***57416mBirchen Edge
Sunset CrackHS 4c **283212mFroggatt Edge
Boulder ClimbHS 4c 33?Robin Hood's Stride
Wiggly CrackHS 4b 6?Rowtor Rocks
Potter's WallHS 4b **32710mCurbar Edge
Grey SlabS 4b *52012mFroggatt Edge
The Long PromenadeVS 4b **3650mBirchen Edge
Sail ButtressHS 4b **145914mBirchen Edge
Victory CrackHS 4b **55614mBirchen Edge
P.M.C.1HS 4a ***92715mCurbar Edge
Trafalgar WallS 4b ***179212mBirchen Edge
Cave CrackS 4b *7012mChatsworth Edge
Byne's CrackS 4b *3115mGardoms Edge
AlphaS 4a *12212mCurbar Edge
Powder Monkey ParadeS 4b ***125316mBirchen Edge
Sail ArÍteS 4b **13212mTurning Stone Edge
Elliott's CrackS 4a **8910mGardoms Edge
Cioch WallS 4a *5612mCurbar Edge
North ClimbS 4a *7310mCratcliffe Tor
The RibS *678mBaslow Edge
Allen's SlabS 4a **134116mFroggatt Edge
MarionetteVD 6?Eastwood Rocks
Horatio's HorrorHS 4a **38614mBirchen Edge
Flying ButtressS 4a *34112mCurbar Edge
Green GutHS 4a ***213614mFroggatt Edge
Lookout AreteS 4a *20012mBirchen Edge
Slab RouteS 4a *2949mCurbar Edge
Campion GrooveS 4a 7116mCurbar Edge
Cider AppleS 4a *18518mGardoms Edge
Derwent GrooveS 4a *2510mCurbar Edge
Ant's AreteHS 4a *39616mYarncliffe Quarry
Whisky WallS *2312mGardoms Edge
Emma's DilemmaS 4b **111714mBirchen Edge
Lone Tree GullyS 4a **37614mBlack Rocks
North ClimbS 4a *93612mFroggatt Edge
Short Climbf3 725mRobin Hood's Stride
Sickle ButtressS 4a *76512mFroggatt Edge
Straight ChimneyHVD 4a 20?Moorside Rocks
Emma's TemptationHVD 4c *95114mBirchen Edge
Giant's StaircaseHVD 4a *19614mGardoms Edge
Swimmer's ChimneyS 4a *15112mFroggatt Edge
Vee ChimneyHVD 4a *412mTurning Stone Edge
Bulldog CrackHVD 4a *6310mCurbar Edge
Stonnis AreteS 4a **14630mBlack Rocks
RoadoverHVD *337mCurbar Edge
The Bat HouseHVD *19?Shining Cliff
Central ButtressHVD 3c ***15124mBlack Rocks
Brown CrackVD **7118mGardoms Edge
Index ClimbHVD *7512mBaslow Edge
Buckle's SisterHVD 4a *627mCurbar Edge
Sail ChimneyS 4a ***85814mBirchen Edge
The Easy TurnpikeHVD 3c **57?Alport Stone
Heather WallHVD 3a ***303016mFroggatt Edge
Kiss Me HardyS *48812mBirchen Edge
Emperor Flake ClimbVD ***16012mChatsworth Edge
Queen's Parlour GullyVD **18026mBlack Rocks
Capstone ChimneyVD *32?Baslow Edge
Pillar SlabVD 4a *11812mCurbar Edge
N.M.C. CrackVD **68918mGardoms Edge
Derwent Groove VariationVD 4a 510mCurbar Edge
Cave ClimbD *7215mChatsworth Edge
The Cave GullyVD **428mBaslow Edge
Brookside CrackD 556mFroggatt Edge
Shallow ChimneyVD *14410mCurbar Edge
Owl GullyVD **11320mCratcliffe Tor
Solomon's CrackVD *48712mFroggatt Edge
Slack CrackVD *467mCurbar Edge
Trafalgar CrackVD 4a **194914mBirchen Edge
Cannonball WallVD 34610mBirchen Edge
TrapezeVD *116914mFroggatt Edge
Flake GullyD *23115mFroggatt Edge
Red Sky RibHD *2416mGardoms Edge
The FunnelHD **45012mBirchen Edge
Stepped CrackHD *4820mGardoms Edge
Apple CrackHD *3731mGardoms Edge
Gun-Cotton GrooveVD *39112mBirchen Edge
GammaVD *142912mFroggatt Edge
The CrackD **928mBaslow Edge
Slab RecessD **143916mFroggatt Edge
Fat Man's ChimneyD *7218mBlack Rocks
Garden Face IndirectD *17310mGardoms Edge
The Original Route (The Crazy Pinnacle)D **133?Tegness Quarries
Monument ChimneyD **56414mBirchen Edge
Admiral's ProgressD *39312mBirchen Edge
Choked CrackD *11710mChatsworth Edge
The PromenadeD **94716mBirchen Edge
Capstone GullyM *2010mGardoms Edge
Matterhorn ArÍteM *165mBaslow Edge
Nursery SlabM 70410mFroggatt Edge
The GangplankM *72510mBirchen Edge
Stonnis PinnacleHD *222mBlack Rocks
East ArÍteS *413mBlack Rocks
Instant KarmaE4 6b *-9mCurbar Edge
Geordie EwoksE6 6c **-8mFroggatt Edge
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