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'Culm Coast Dagger Attack' ticklist

contributed by Mark Kemball Oct/12
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This is a list of all the "dagger" climbs in the Culm section of the 2000 North Devon and Cornwall guide. - If you repeat any, please record your opinion of the grade, quality, any fixed gear, adequacey of guidebook description etc! Thanks.

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AddClimb nameGradeTicks?HeightCrag name
1Ik HebHVS 5b -?Sloo Slabs
2Witch's SlideS 4a -?Sloo Slabs
3Kirsten's Last ClimbMVS 4c -?Sloo Slabs
4Bent SixpenceVS 4b 1?Sloo Slabs
5The Coffins Wait for Betty TrembelowE3 5b -?Sloo Slabs
6The ShrineXS 5c *1?Blackchurch
7PilgrimXS 5b -80m• 3Blackchurch
8The Big SheepE3 5c *-77m• 3Blackchurch
9Savage God DirectE4 6a -?Blackchurch
10Machineries of JoyE2 5c -83m• 2Blackchurch
11Crucial BunnyE2 5a -?Blackchurch
12StopfordE1 4c -68m• 2Blackchurch
13Lord BaftaE5 5c/6a **-45mBlackchurch
14Making Plans for NigelXS 5b -?Blackchurch
15MoluscicideE2 5b 123mBlackchurch
16Forces of NatureXS 5b *-74m• 4Windbury Head
17Raiders of the Lost BarkE1 4c -74mWindbury Head
18Tactical RetreatVS 4c -?Exmansworthy
19Culm DancingE3 5c **2?Exmansworthy
20Shadow WalkerE3 6a ***4?Exmansworthy
21Sheepdog Trails in BabylonE2 5c 3?Exmansworthy
22RatcatcherHS 4b -?Exmansworthy
23Nasty Little Bags of PoisonHVS 5b -?Exmansworthy
24Haunted by HoodoosE6 6b -?Exmansworthy
25Rasta CollieE2 5c *-?Exmansworthy
26Dog BurglarE4 6a -?Exmansworthy
27Cat BurglarE4 6a **5?Exmansworthy
28The OutlawE4 6a 1?Exmansworthy
29Decadent DaysM -?Exmansworthy
30Second SightE1 5a -?Exmansworthy
31DresdenE2 5a -?Exmansworthy
32Choreographic VariantE2 5b *-?Exmansworthy
33The Ex-man ComethE7 6c ***-?Exmansworthy
34NomadHVS 4c -?Exmansworthy
35DanzigE1 5a -?Exmansworthy -?Exmansworthy
37Reefer MadnessE1 5b *-?Exmansworthy
38Who's ChapmanE1 5b *2?Chapman Rock
39Murphy's NightmareVS 4b -?Chapman Rock
40Mind-MeltE6 6b -27mCow and Calf
41Kalahari BlackE6 6b **134mCow and Calf
42StraightjacketE3 6a -25mUpright Cliff
43Homo ErectusE3 5c *1?Upright Cliff
44Black DogHVS 5a 125mUpright Cliff
45Persistent PupHVS 5b 126mUpright Cliff
46RockhoundE1 5b 1?Upright Cliff
47Lazy DawgE1 5b *125mUpright Cliff
48ForthrightE3 5c -22mUpright Cliff
49Qui-3E5 6a/b -?Smoothlands
50En FamilleE2 5b -?Smoothlands
51SurrealandsE1 5b 2?Smoothlands
52PeardropE1 5b 1?Smoothlands
53A Scream EdgewaysE5 5c -?Smoothlands
54LowlifeE6 6a/b *1?Smoothlands
55Flight PathE2 5a/b -?Smoothlands
56Blood BrothersVS 4c 1?Damehole Point
57Flying BlindHVS 5a *2?Damehole Point
58Cracking UpE2 5b -?Damehole Point
59Sugar Puff PowerE3 6a **-?Damehole Point
60CarboverdriveE4 6b -25mDamehole Point
61ReunionE1 5a 120mDamehole Point
62Left for DeadE3 5c -22mDamehole Point
63Training for the EigerE4 5c -22mDamehole Point
64Big Sea SwimmerVS 4b -12mDamehole Point
65Out of SeasonHVS 4c -22mDamehole Point
66Dyer StraitsE8 -48mDyers Lookout
67The Earthsea Trilogy Part 1E6 6b -?Dyers Lookout
68Seal ClubbingE2 5c -?Dyers Lookout
69O'Sullivan's ConundrumE5 6a -?Dyers Lookout
70Barely PossibleVS 4b 1?Hartland Quay
71Stag Night FrightXS 5a -108mHartland Quay
72JerusalemXS 5b -108m• 5Hartland Quay
73Water off a Duck's BackE1 5b -25mScreda Point
74The Visit to the Quack DoctorE5 6a *-25mScreda Point
75CanardE6 6b **4?Screda Point
76DiamondbackE3 5b -?Screda Point
77The SnufflerVS 4b 520mScreda Point
78Give us a BreakVS 4c *1?Screda Point
79StreamlineE4 6a **118mSpekes Mill Mouth...
80Sacred RiverE3 6a/b -18mSpekes Mill Mouth...
81CuchulainVS 4c 318mSpekes Mill Mouth...
82EdE5 6a **134mSpekes Mill Mouth...
83Avoiding the TouchHVS 5b 1?Spekes Mill Mouth...
84Both Ends BurningE4 6b *2?Spekes Mill Mouth...
85The Flying LimpetE3 6b 1?Spekes Mill Mouth...
86Penny for the GuyE4 6a *-?Spekes Mill Mouth...
87The Mighty WurlitzerE4 6b **1?Spekes Mill Mouth...
88Living with the LooniesE4 6b -?Spekes Mill Mouth...
89Titanic NightsE2 5c **1?Hole Rock
90PropellerHVS 5a -?Hole Rock
91LuminarcE2 5c *-?Nabor Point
92CyclopsE1 5b *2?Nabor Point
93MinotaurE1 5b 1?Nabor Point
94MedusaE1 5b -?Nabor Point
95The Trials of IscocelesVS 4c -?Nabor Point
96LifelineE2 5b *-?Nabor Point
97AvalonHS 4b -?Nabor Point
98"My Word Is My Bond"VS 4c -?Knaps Longpeak
99Shaken Not StirredHVS 4c 1?Knaps Longpeak
100Destination UnknownHVS 4c 235mKnaps Longpeak
101Thin LionVS 145mKnaps Longpeak
102Take my Breath AwayS 4a -?Knaps Longpeak
103Heaven in Your EyesHS 4b 2?Knaps Longpeak
104What Goes UpVS 4c -?Foxhold Slabs
105MalawiVS 4b 880mFoxhold Slabs
106Joker ManVS 4c 720mFoxhold Slabs
107SatinHVS 5a *12?Foxhold Slabs
108Gullible TooS 112mGull Rock - Marsland
109Tha' Wer' EasyHS 112mGull Rock - Marsland
110FitzharberHS 112mGull Rock - Marsland
111Little LambsVS 4c 1?Gull Rock - Marsland
112DeimosVS 4c -12mGull Rock - Marsland
113Silence of the LambsVS 4b -?Gull Rock - Marsland
114Electric LemonadeE1 5b 2?Gull Rock - Marsland
115Tha' Wer' 'ArdE1 5b -?Gull Rock - Marsland
116ElendVD -?Gull Rock - Marsland
117Haile DubiousE2 5c -?Gull Rock - Marsland
118Wolf SolentE2 5b -?Gull Rock - Marsland
119RagamuffinE2 5b -?Gull Rock - Marsland
120Bare NecessitiesE5 6a *-?Gull Rock - Marsland
121Pale FireE2 5c -?Gull Rock - Marsland
122Bradworthy 5HVS 5a 4?Cornakey Cliff
123Cancer CrackVS 4b 5?Cornakey Cliff
124Spanking ColonelE1 5a -?Cornakey Cliff
125Heaven and HellHVS 5a *8?• 3Cornakey Cliff
126Jolly RogerVS 4c 3?Cornakey Cliff
127Duty FreeVS 4c *-20mCornakey Cliff
128BootleggersVS 4c -19mCornakey Cliff
129Salute to the AdmiralIII -?Yeolmouth Waterfall...
130Visco-CityHVS 4c -?Westcott Wattle
131WidowmakerE1 5a -?Westcott Wattle
132CJW AreteS -?Westcott Wattle
133The DimpsyHS 4b -?Westcott Wattle
134Frats in a RageVS 4c -?Morwenna Slabs
135Green's GooliesVD 1?Morwenna Slabs
136ClaireD *2121mVicarage Cliff
137Bison BisonVD 5?Vicarage Cliff
138CuboidVS 4c -?Vicarage Cliff
139Crazy PavingE1 5a 22?Vicarage Cliff
140Choss and ChipsS 13?Vicarage Cliff
141Flaky PastryVS 143mVicarage Cliff
142SchwarzchildE1 5b 330mMoped Zawn
143VickersE1 5a 1?Moped Zawn
144Mountain BikerE3 5c *-?Oldwalls' Point
145More than a MatchE3 5c ***20?Oldwalls' Point
146AimlessE4 6a *-?Oldwalls' Point
147VirgoVS 4c 418mHippa Rock
148Consenting AdultsE4 5c *-?Hippa Rock
149KatabaticE2 5c 1?Hippa Rock
150HoppodromeE1 5b 1?Hippa Rock
151Cold SnapE4 6b -12mLower Sharpnose...
152Grypt-Up PhynneE4 6a -12mLower Sharpnose...
153Early MingE4 6a *112mLower Sharpnose...
154American ExcessE3 5c **-12mLower Sharpnose...
155DogsbodyE5 6b/c *-?Lower Sharpnose...
156A Handful of RustE6 6b -?Lower Sharpnose...
157Athabasca FallsE4 6a *-?Lower Sharpnose...
158Slice of LifeE4 6a 230mLower Sharpnose...
159Help Save the RhinoE3 6a -?Lower Sharpnose...
160Kung Fu KecksE4 6a *-?Lower Sharpnose...
161The Flying FinnE4 6a *-45mLower Sharpnose...
162Culm to MotherE5 6b **335mLower Sharpnose...
163Mother's RuinE2 5b 120mLower Sharpnose...
164Fanny CalderE5 6a *-?Lower Sharpnose...
165The Monk's Satanic VersesE8 6c ***-38mLower Sharpnose...
166MalefactorE5 5c ***-?Lower Sharpnose...
167Hearts and MindsE6 6a *245mLower Sharpnose...
168Rising MoistureHVS 5a -?Lower Sharpnose...
169The Stunted Razor SnoutE4 6b -?Lower Sharpnose...
170Cool, Culm, and CollectedE3 6a/5c -?Lower Sharpnose...
171Pit BullE4 6a 1?Lower Sharpnose...
172Avon CallingE3 5c *4?Sandymouth
173The WickE1 5b 12?Sandymouth
174Intensive CareE2 5b -?Dunsmouth Cliff
175Mortal CoilE2 5b -?Dunsmouth Cliff
176KalashnikovE2 5c *2?Menachurch Point
177Klingon Kulture-ShokHVS 5a *4?Menachurch Point
178The KissE4 5c -?Menachurch Point
179Tunnel VisionE5 6b *-?Menachurch Point
180Abandon HopeE4 6b **-?Menachurch Point
181The Flight of the Laden SwallowE2 5b -?Menachurch Point
182Dark NightE5 6a/b *-?Maer Cliff (aka...
183Angry CockroachesE6 6c *-?Maer Cliff (aka...
184After DarkE4 6a *2?Maer Cliff (aka...
185Mexican BlackbirdM -?Maer Cliff (aka...
186The Needle TreeE3 5a -?Maer Cliff (aka...
187The Ungrateful SecondsE6 6a 3?Maer Cliff (aka...
188Twilight WatersE4 5c -40mMaer Cliff (aka...
189OceansE5 6a/b ***1?Maer Cliff (aka...
190Ground FallE1 5a -?Maer Cliff (aka...
191The Name Doesn't MatterE6 6b **-?Maer Cliff (aka...
192BodysnatchersE6 6b *1?Maer Cliff (aka...
193Foxman and Robin's Zawn DuelE3 5b -?Maer Cliff (aka...
194Midst of a TraumaE5 6a 3?Maer Cliff (aka...
195CulminationE3 5b -?Maer Cliff (aka...
196South face of the HornHS 4b 6?Maer Cliff (aka...
197Dutch DepartureE2 5c 1?Maer Cliff (aka...
198Probing PhobiaE3 5b -?Maer Cliff (aka...
199Cry of LoveE3 5c *-?Maer Cliff (aka...
200PrevaricationHVS -?Maer Cliff (aka...
201Boj WolbS 4a 3?Compass Point - Bude
202Crutch upon CrutchVS 4c 2?Compass Point - Bude
203Inch In, Inch OutE3 5b *-25mCompass Point - Bude
204Full TiltE4 6a *-18mCompass Point - Bude
205SamanthaE1 5b 17?Compass Point - Bude
206PipsqueakVS 4c 4?Compass Point - Bude
207West South WestE1 5b 7?Compass Point - Bude
208The BeastE1 5b 115mCompass Point - Bude
209Compass-tures GreenE3 5b -30mCompass Point - Bude
210Compass MentisE3 5b 218mCompass Point - Bude
211BrainchildE5 6a **-24mBude Pillars
212The Curate's EggE1 5a -?Bude Pillars
213Up YoursE1 5b -?Bude Pillars
214Waisted YouthHVS 5a -?Bude Pillars
215Fantasy LandXS 5b *-?Efford Beacon
216Black Dog BiteE2 5b *2?Lynstone
217La Bella NegraE2 5c 3?Lynstone
218Obsidian RoseE3 5c *1?Lynstone
219HoldrushHVS 5a 6?Lynstone
220AbsenceVS 5a -?Upton Slabs
221Bolivian ConsummationVS 4b -?Upton Slabs
222Half a PointXS 5b 1?Upton - Arrowhead...
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