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'Ultimate E2 ticklist' ticklist

contributed by Owen W-G Feb/14
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GB Top 250 - the best in Britain plus the best at every decent crag, bit of a southern bias...sorry Scotland!

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AddClimb nameGradeTicks?HeightCrag name
1Lich GatesE2 5c ***93?Avon Gorge (Main...
2Kangaroo WallE2 6a ***12190m• 4Wintour's Leap
3Yesterday's DreamsE2 5c **145?Wintour's Leap
4Never Say GoodbyeE2 5c 81?Wintour's Leap
5The Goblin KingE2 5c **121?Goblin Combe
6Touch the FireE2 5c **215?Shorn Cliff
7Run for HomeE2 5b **13933mShorn Cliff
8ZuluE2 5c **115?Wyndcliffe
9The DonE2 5c **10640mWyndcliffe
10Free RadicalE2 5c **3040mSymonds Yat
11Four Steps to HeavenE2 5c ***14935mFairy Cave Quarry
12New Horizons IIE2 5c ***27329mAvon Gorge (Sea...
13BuccaneerE2 5b ***9138m• 2Boulder Ruckle
14OceanidE2 5b **3950m• 2Guillemot Ledge
15Ray of SunshineE2 5c **3324mSubluminal
16Tudor RoseE2 5b ***91?Guillemot Ledge
17GypsyE2 5b ***13433m• 2Boulder Ruckle
18The ToolE2 5b **4838m• 2Boulder Ruckle
19The CongerE2 5c ***30020mFishermans Ledge...
20MarsE2 5b ***7325m• 2Subluminal
21ErbE2 5c **31328mMillstone Edge
22Regent StreetE2 5c ***65822mMillstone Edge
23SuspenseE2 5c **51320mLawrencefield
24Billy WhizzE2 5c ***31818mLawrencefield
25ElegyE2 5c ***30416mRoaches Lower Tier
26The RaspE2 5b ***34214mHiggar Tor
27DariusE2 5c ***32150mHigh Tor
28DelicatessenE2 5c ***16751m• 2High Tor
29M1E2 5b **10835mHigh Tor
30Orang-outangE2 5c ***18812mStanage End
31Tower Face DirectE2 5b ***46822mStanage Plantation
32Yosemite WallE2 5b **34616mStanage Popular
33Cave EliminateE2 6a **11316mStanage Popular
34Pot BlackE2 5b **43520mStanage Plantation
35WutheringE2 5b ***44320mStanage Popular
36Black Hawk BastionE2 5c **26016mStanage Popular
37QuietusE2 5c ***25514mStanage High Neb
38The DanglerE2 5c ***13516mStanage Popular
39Five Finger ExerciseE2 5c ***30522mCratcliffe Tor
40Fern HillE2 5c ***32112mCratcliffe Tor
41PearlsE2 5c **11212mChatsworth Edge
42Brown's EliminateE2 5b ***87016mFroggatt Edge
43AuricleE2 5c **28116mBamford Edge
44Commander EnergyE2 5c ***52712mRoaches Lower Tier
45Elder CrackE2 5b ***27418mCurbar Edge
46SoyuzE2 5c **15610mCurbar Edge
47InsanityE2 5c **1788mCurbar Edge
48BlasphemyE2 5c ***6514mWimberry Rocks
49WombatE2 5b ***20120mRoaches Upper Tier
50WombatE2 5c ***15823mMalham Cove
51CarnageE2 5b ***16642m• 2Malham Cove
52GumshoeE2 5c ***6614mRamshaw Rocks
53ParadoxE2 5b ***12312mWilton 1
54Hanging CrackE2 5b ***3416mDovestones Edge
55Welcome to Hard TimesE2 5c **13528mStaden Main Quarry
56ArmageddonE2 5c **15228mStoney Middleton
57The Flakes DirectE2 5c **8330m• 2Stoney Middleton
58Scoop WallE2 5c ***28225mStoney Middleton
59Double ScotchE2 5b *232?Stoney Middleton
60Cathy's ClownE2 5c **17324mStaden Main Quarry
61SilenusE2 5b **15324mPic Tor
62ExcursionE2 5b ***178?Pen Trwyn
63PinnaclissimaE2 5c **24?Craig Yr Ysfa
64SpectrumE2 6a **106?Clogwyn y Grochan
65HarddE2 5c **97?Carreg Hyll-Drem
66AuraE2 5b ***40?Craig Yr Ysfa
67Ten Degrees NorthE2 5c **137?Dinas Mot
68The ThingE2 5c ***105?Dinas Cromlech
69Left WallE2 5c ***77538mDinas Cromlech
70GrondE2 5b ***103?Dinas Cromlech
71PincushionE2 5c **221?Craig Pant Ifan...
72S S SpecialE2 5b **371?Clogwyn y Grochan
73The WaspE2 5c **120?Craig y Castell...
74VectorE2 5c ***672?Craig Bwlch y Moch...
75The WeaverE2 5c ***269?Craig Bwlch y Moch...
76ExtractionE2 5c **230?• 2Craig Bwlch y Moch...
77The GrasperE2 5c ***150?Craig Bwlch y Moch...
78Plastic NerveE2 5c *58?Craig Pant Ifan...
79TensorE2 6a ***89?Craig y Castell...
80The Great CornerE2 5b **6?Llech Ddu (Black...
81Suicide Wall Route 1E2 5c ***160?Idwal Slabs (aka...
82White SlabE2 5c ***281?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
83ShrikeE2 5c ***153?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
84Jelly RollE2 5b ***79?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
85SilhouetteE2 5c ***106?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
86The TroachE2 5b ***162?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
87ScorpioE2 5b **57?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
88Pinnacle AreteE2 5b **56?Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
89ChreonE2 5b **63?Esgair Maen Gwyn...
90Tearg WallE2 5c ***7612mCraig-y-Forwen...
91German SchoolgirlE2 5c ***36822mRainbow Walls
92Last Tango in ParisE1 5b **53545mVivian Quarry
93PsychotherapyE2 5c **46025mVivian Quarry
94Pull My DaisyE2 5c ***481?Rainbow Slab Area
95The Savage SunbirdE2 5b *208?Rhoscolyn
96AardvarkE2 6a **18155m• 2Gogarth North Stack...
97Resolution DirectE2 5b ***202?Gogarth North Stack...
98The StrandE2 5b ***534?• 2Gogarth North Stack...
99Toiler on th SeaE2 5b **103?Gogarth North Stack...
100MousetrapE2 5a ***209?Gogarth South Stack
101Atlantis/True Moments/FreebirdE2 5b ***11492m• 3Gogarth South Stack
102Red WallE2 5b ***114?Gogarth South Stack
103FlytrapE2 5b ***5082m• 4Gogarth North Stack...
104The Quartz IcicleE2 5b **232?Gogarth North Stack...
105Talking HeadsE2 5b **60?Gogarth North Stack...
106PhoenixE2 5c ***48?Clogwyn yr Eryr...
107Stone BoomE2 5c **58?Pordenack Point
108Illustrated ManE2 5c *88?Carn Barra
109Bow WallE2 5b ***253?Bosigran
110Haile SelassieE2 5c **49?Gull Rock - Marsland
111Rainbow GamesE2 5b ***29?Carn Gowla
112MercuryE2 5b ***54?Carn Gowla
113West WingE2 5c ***59?Trewavas Head Main...
114Machete WallE2 5c ***161?Chudleigh Rocks
115Combined OpsE2 5b ***170?• 2Chudleigh Rocks
116CocytusE2 6a ***15518m• 2Anstey's Cove
117CrinoidE1 5b ***14227mParsons Hole (aka...
118Aerobic WallE2 5c **30010mHound Tor
119Hostile WitnessE2 5c ***64?Bench Tor
120HarpoonE2 5b **83?Vicarage Cliff
121Sacre CoeurE2 5b ***238?Blackchurch
122Out of the BlueE2 5b ***34725mLower Sharpnose...
123CrimtyphonE2 5b **16730mCompass Point - Bude
124Fourteen FathomsE2 5b *65?Carn Barra
125Green Cormorant FaceE2 5c **44?Great Zawn
126Desolation RowE2 5b **64?Great Zawn
127Lazy Sunday AfternoonE2 5b ***45?Fall Bay Buttress,...
128Dan DareE2 5c 25?Pennard
129Half DomeE2 5c **15?Paviland
130StingrayE2 5c **14515mCarreg-y-Barcud
131Be CleverE1 5c **13720mCarreg-y-Barcud
132First BloodE2 5c ***26536mSt. Govan's East
133DerangedE2 5c ***316?St. Govan's Head
134The ButcherE2 5c **422?St. Govan's Head
135RicochetE2 5c **194?St. Govan's Head
136Mythical MonsterE2 5c **10150m• 2Huntsman's Leap
137The Beast from the UndergrowthE2 5b **308?Huntsman's Leap
138Preposterous TalesE2 5b ***13157m• 3Bosherston Head
139KeelhaulE2 5c **17830mBosherston Head
140ChimeraE2 5c ***6?Giltar Walls
141Brazen ButtressE2 5b ***330?Mother Carey's...
142The Strait GateE1 5b ***312?Mother Carey's...
143Deep SpaceE2 5b ***12740m• 2Mother Carey's...
144Chimes of FreedomE2 5b ***117?Mowing Word
145Silver ShadowE2 5b ***36?Stackpole Head
146DaydreamsE1 5b ***8755m• 3Mewsford
147Lucky StrikeE1 5b ***27340mRusty Walls
148AphasiaE2 5b ***203?Sergeant Crag Slabs
149Bleak How ButtressE2 5c **57?Bleak How
150EquusE2 5c ***100?Gimmer Crag
151Spring BankE2 5c ***200?Gimmer Crag
152M.G.C.E2 5c **468?Shepherds Crag
153Central PillarE2 5b ***166?• 6Esk Buttress (Dow...
154The CaymanE2 5b **23?The Napes
155AstraE2 5c ***166?Pavey Ark
156Gandalf's Groove DirectE2 5b ***44?Neckband Crag
157Wild SheepE2 5b ***54?Shepherds Crag
158BloodhoundE2 5b **12737mGouther Crags
159Glass SlipperE2 5b *408?Black Crag (Wrynose)
160IchabodE2 5c ***112?Scafell East...
161White Ghyll EliminateE2 5c **90?White Ghyll
162SaxonE2 5c ***106?Scafell Crag
163Tumbleweed ConnectionE2 5c ***92?Goat Crags,...
164FastburnE2 5b ***16?Flat Crags
165Where Eagle's DareE2 5c ***18?Eagle Crag...
166Pink PantherE2 5c ***78?Dow Crag
167Thin Red LineE2 5b ***171?Heptonstall
168Black Wall EliminateE2 5c ***35915mAlmscliff
169The Black ChipperE2 5b ***18812mBrimham Rocks
170CrossbonesE2 5c ***14226m• 2Malham Cove
171The DiedreE2 5b ***89?• 2Kilnsey
172The ShelfE2 5b ***124?Crookrise
173Pillar FrontE2 5b ***141?Eastby Crag
174A Question of BalanceE2 5b ***31?Simons Seat
175The Golden TowerE2 5c ***17520mAnglezarke Quarry
176Northumberland WallE2 5c ***6215mGreat Wanney
177The Overhanging CrackE2 5c ***164?Bowden Doors
178Cracked ActorE2 5b ***28927mTrowbarrow
179Rhododendron ButtressE2 5c ***36?Hoghton Quarry
180PicnicE2 5c **5312mBrimham Rocks
181Ali BabaE2 5c **64?Wainstones
182Through the Looking GlassE2 5c **56?Hodge Close Quarry
183Sandy CrackE2 5c ***15?Sandy Crag
184The WitchE2 5b ***136?Back Bowden Doors
185Northumberland WallE2 5c ***9370m• 2Diabaig
186The PillarE2 5b ***20745mDiabaig
187U-EiE2 5b ***5590m• 3Pabbay
188Prophecy of DrowningE2 5c ***98?Pabbay
189SulaE2 5b ***89?• 3Mingulay
190Anger and LustE2 5c ***115?Pass of Ballater
191Space MonkeyE2 5c ***15?Ardmair Crags
192The BugE2 5b ***5245mTollie Crag
193Angel FaceE2 5c ***30?Beinn Eighe
194The Long ReachE2 5b ***95?Beinn Trilleachan...
195ShibbolethE2 5b ***96167m• 7Buachaille Etive Mor
196The BatE2 5b ***52?Ben Nevis
197TorroE2 5b ***61?Ben Nevis
198King KongE2 5c ***20?Ben Nevis
199SpockE3 5c ***17?Sron na Ciche
200The PinE2 5b ***2470m• 2Shelterstone Crag
201Children of the SeaE2 5b ***330mAird Mhor Bhragair
202Buena VistaE2 5b ***39?Loch Tollaidh Crags
203GeriatricsE2 5b ***23?Sheigra Sea Cliffs
204Bloodlust DirectE2 5b ***5615mSheigra Sea Cliffs
205Edge of BeyondE2 5c ***1445mKilt Rock, Staffin
206RedspeedE2 5c ***35?Lundy
207Harvey Proctor's Spanking SlapE2 5c 46?• 2Craig Pant Ifan...
208One in Every PortE2 5c *92?Screda Point
209Certain SurpriseE3 5c **10125mSplit Rock (Milton...
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