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NameStyleDate Crag name
GroovyLead RP24/Mar/15Mt Stapylton Amphitheatre
The FortressLead RP21/Mar/15The Northern Group
TrickySent x18/Feb/15Spittle Hill
The UnrepeatableSent x17/Feb/15Castle Hill
Gorilla GripLead06/Feb/15Port Hills
Small BallsSent x??/Feb/15Castle Hill
Dreamhouse TraverseSent x??/Feb/15Castle Hill
Big BallsSent x??/Feb/15Castle Hill
UndertowSent x??/Feb/15Spittle Hill
Map 8 / 44 Twin Aretes sit startSent x??/Feb/15Spittle Hill
Bish Bosh Bash extensionLead RP21/Jan/15Little Babylon
Traverse of the TitansLead RP19/Jan/15Little Babylon
Rua TahiLead RP17/Jan/15Little Babylon
Rua Tahi extensionLead RP17/Jan/15Little Babylon
Bish Bosh BashLead O/S17/Jan/15Little Babylon
SolitudeLead RP16/Jan/15Little Babylon
JugularLead RP16/Jan/15Little Babylon
Fly My PrettiesLead RP16/Jan/15Little Babylon
International Turkey PatrolLead RP14/Jan/15Little Babylon
MosesLead RP13/Jan/15Little Babylon
The HulkSent x??/Nov/14Happy Boulders
Mister WittySent x??/Nov/14Happy Boulders
Fly BoySent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
Iron ManSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
Bowling PinSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
Bowling Pin Sit StartSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
King TutSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
Funky TutSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
Buttermilk Stem SitSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
A Birthing ExperienceSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
SaigonSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
The Checkerboard (stand start)Sent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
RaveSent??/Nov/14Happy Boulders
Grotesque Old WomenSent x??/Nov/14Happy Boulders
Every Color You AreSent x??/Nov/14Happy Boulders
A Boy Named SueSent x??/Nov/14Rock Creek
More TwistedSent x??/Nov/14Rock Creek
Drone MiltiaSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
Milk the MilksSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
High Plains DrifterSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
Smooth ShrimpSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
The ClapperSent x??/Nov/14Happy Boulders
The French ConnectionSent x??/Nov/14Happy Boulders
HighbrowSent x??/Nov/14Happy Boulders
Jug-start to Acid Wash RightSent x??/Nov/14Happy Boulders
Seven Spanish Angels (aka: The Ruckus)Sent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
RheinstorSent β??/Nov/14Happy Boulders
Fly Boy Sit-startSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
Leary/Bard AreteSent x??/Nov/14Buttermilks
The Southwest AreteSolo O/S??/Nov/14Buttermilks